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Why online gambling beats casinos

The popularity of online betting and casino games has been skyrocketing for years. What are some of the reasons behind it ascension to prominence? And why does it beat traditional casino rooms, and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Let’s find out with STATSCORE.

It’s beyond any doubt that the position of gambling and betting has changed irreversibly with the advent of the Internet. The web has altered the rules of the game, and enabled online bookmakers and casinos to quickly overtake traditional gambling organisations running physical shops.

Gambling more convenient then ever

The ease with which it is today possible to place bets and gamble online would be practically inconceivable for people a few years ago. The accessibility of the Internet, and the spread of mobile devices make it possible to place wagers at any time and from any place.

There is no need to make a trip to a casino or brick-and-mortar bookmaker, sacrificing one’s precious time and money. Especially when you’re not a real fan of spending whole evenings in places packed like sardines. Gosh, do I know you, Sir, who are poking my back?

Players are able to avoid crowds, and focus completely on their bets. They don’t need to pay entry fees, comply with any dress code, nor buy their drinks.

Today, thanks to the Internet, people can bet and gamble in the most convenient conditions, and without any prerequisites. They can do it when commuting to work, over their lunch, or five minutes before going to bed. Whenever they want and via any of their connected devices, be it laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

This convenience gives online gaming an unquestionable advantage over any form of offline gambling. Fred Flinston would be pretty unhappy to find it!

Excitement of real-time bets and live dealer games

Thanks to connected mobile devices it is not only possible to gamble anywhere and anytime, it’s also possible to make in-game bets in real-time and play live dealer games.

The ability to gamble at any point of the game has proved to be another game-changer. It allows bookmakers to attract and engage punters in completely new ways, by providing them with reliable live coverage of the game, and encouraging them to analyse the game, predict the outcome, and take their chance at any moment.

From the bettors’ point of view, this offers completely new opportunities by allowing them to take advantage of the quickly changing odds. Making a good decision at a specific point of a game (for example, betting on the team that you expect to win just a moment after they lose a goal), may turn out to be much more profitable than placing the bet before the game starts.

Roulette? Poker? Chinese basketball? You name it!

The online gambling and betting world can offer almost unlimited access to games and bets, both sporting and socio-political ones.

This is one of the online companies’ advantages, they are able to offer much more than traditional sportsbooks. Some of them provide odds on incredibly wide range sports and competitions from all over the world.

Moreover, they allow their customers to bet in real-time not just on the outcome of the game, but on a number of precisely defined events during, for example, a football match (number of corner kicks, red cards, goal scored by a given player).

Privacy and security – no need to worry

It’s hardly a secret that in the past, gambling and betting was often considered a shady business, and associated with various illegal activities. Luckily, today’s online gamblers can safely play and bet at various officially and legally recognised organisations.

Online casinos and bookmakers are thriving around the world, as new countries keep regulating the market with relevant legislation.

The situation in which online gambling and sports betting organisations become legal brings profits to all the involved parties. Casinos and bookmakers are allowed to develop their businesses, reach new customers, and increase revenues.

Punters and gamblers can choose from among various officially recognised bookmakers and casinos, and be sure that they will be treated fairly and have their data secured.

Finally, the states where gambling organisations operate legally have greater control over the industry and profit from them through taxes.


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