Welcome to STATS.code() – where tech, AI, and data enthusiasts unite

STATS.code() is STATSCORE’s place where enthusiasts of technology, artificial intelligence, and data come together to share knowledge, experiences, and passion.

The first edition of our new event was aimed at everyone interested in a technical topic, from beginners to more advanced pros looking to deepen their knowledge and skills – and to enjoy some quality time after work.

We’ve had interesting presentations on topics related to the latest trends in technology and AI, shared ideas, experiences, and knowledge, improved presentation skills, integrated, exchanged views, and enjoyed time in inspiring company.

It’s been a successful inauguration of the first internal edition of the meetup, featuring our experts from the #STATSCOREteam:

🎯 Damian – “Blobs – Graphic Frolics in the Browser.”
🎯 Fati – “Cyber Kill Chain 101, or How to Conduct an Attack.”
🎯 Daniel – “Let’s Write GPT from Scratch with Me.”
🎯 Łukasz, Kamil, Szymon, Paweł – “Chat GPT: A Revolutionary Approach to User Interfaces.”
🎯 Michał – “Man Does Not Live by Chat Alone – How AI Can Help Testers.”

We are already looking forward to the next autumn edition, which might not be just an internal event. Stay tuned!