Hey tipsters and punters! Do you struggle with exploring bunch of websites day by day to find cumulated sport data for a particular match that will help you in betting? We have a cure for you! Our video Prematch Hints will save your precious time – in just 30 seconds you will get the most valuable prematch info including:  

  • number of wins and draws in direct matches of both teams
  • number of matches won, lost, draws and goals scored for home team
  • number of matches won, lost, draws and goals scored for away team
  • “STATSCORE FACTS” – prematch hints for each team

Give it a try!

Not fully satisfied?

Here at STATSCORE we always give you something more, so for all of you, that have a bit more time and are looking for more complex, detailed info, below each video we provide you with 3 valuable links:

  1. WATCH LIVE – a link to a uniqe real-time visualization of the match (and also tousadns of other matches from 15 various sports, including the most popular like tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.)
    Check livematch tracker
  2. PREMATCH HINTS FOR TIPSTERS/PUNTERS – a link to a website with our prematch tracker that contains even more hints and also a deep head to head comparison, detailed team statistics and news, and more (houndreds of matches from 18 sports available)
    Check prematch tracker
  3. FULL LEAGUE INFO – a link to a complete livescore and statistics from this league and also over 4000 other leagues all over the world – all in one place!
    Check league info

Where to find prematch hints videos?

You will find our prematch hints videos on various social media sites:

Still want something more?

We want our videos to be really valuable for you, so feel free to develop them with us! If you have any suggestion or ideas just drop us a line in the comments.