Two more!

Not so long ago I wrote that it’s been a long time since we improved our offer in ScoreFrame by adding Table tennis. Well, some better news to tell you now! We have a double strike as Badminton and Beach volleyball are sports that are now fully operational. All clients have been given the new sports free of charge of course, and without any involvement on their side, because That’s how we do it here at STATSCORE! We like to do all the hard work, so you don’t have too!

Statistics database for badminton and beach volleyball

Badminton was first to be implemented. There are competitions being played right now ($600,000 prize Malaysia Open), so if you only need to find a result feel free to visit our DEMO site to check it out. We have divided this sport into categories in order to make the search as easy as possible, like we always do.


Beach volleyball is hot off the press and was only published just yesterday. Winter has gone, summer is ahead of us and there is the count down to some big events coming like the one in Porec, Croatia in late June! But don’t worry, we will keep you updated with every important competition that’s coming and the results will be there to check, both live and just after the event finishes.

Warstwa 6
As you have probably noticed we are getting quicker at adding new sports to our offer and we have not spoken our last word just yet. We are working with some big plans in our heads and new sports will be given the green light sooner than you think.

Would you like to guess which sport is coming next? Take your pick and then with my next post check to see if you were correct! Not an easy thing to do, so many sports around and we do plan to have them all on board! Step by step we continue…