TOP 5 blog posts of 2019

2019 has been a year of peaks for STATSCORE. We had the highest number of written articles – 238, the highest number of visitors and the greatest number of projects carried out – sport analysis, self-development, “how-to” articles and not only! Now take a look at the best of the best from 2019! Let’s go!

5. Futsal Ekstraklasa 1st matchday analysis

We have announced some new partnerships this year. One of them involved becoming the official data provider for Polish Futsal Ekstraklasa. This event was met with great enthusiasm by futsal fans in Poland, which was clearly reflected by the popularity of our analytical article about the first matchday.

4. STATSCORE Stats that help you to understand soccer like a pro

Yeah, we perfectly know the “data meat” is what you want. This article shows it well. A lot of numbers, quite a few stats, bunch of arguments, and some fascinating conclusions. That’s a recipe for a good post which brings added value for users. Didn’t read it yet? There’s nothing to wait for!

3. What does the shot conversion rate for goals means in soccer?

What more can we say? This position only confirms the argument presented in the previous point. This time the author focused on shots. He divides this phenomenon into parts and shares his thoughts with readers. The article shows that it’s not only the number of shots during the match that testifies to the final success. Curious what more is needed? Read more!

2. All you need to know to become STATSCORE scout

It’s just a prelude to this year’s winner. However, this article says no less and no more than its title suggests. If you are wondering what exactly it means to work as a live scout at STATSCORE, it’s the right place to find answers to your questions. The article was published in two language versions – English and Polish.

1. Interview – what’s it like working as a scout for STATSCORE?

And there could be only one winner! Third year in a row! You have to love the interviews. Anyway, if you can’t find an answer to any of your question in the previous article, you will definitely find it here! See first-hand how the live scout job looks in STATSCORE. This content-rich interview reveals all the secrets of that position. Then you will be left with nothing but to join us!

If you want to become part of the STATSCORE team and help us in building the biggest sports data center in the world – just check the latest vacancies!

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