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The most exciting sporting events to follow in December

Hello! December is already around the corner! It’s incredible how quickly another year is passing. Fortunately, there are always some reasons to end it on a good note – Christmas time, New Year’s Eve, sports events… Yes! We shouldn’t only be cleaning up and buying gifts through the December! There must be balance everywhere, and we all deserve some relax and good emotions for our hard work. But certainly you won’t have much spare time to search for key sporting events. Let us guide you through the whole month!


Winter break is fast approaching but before it arrives a lot of important competitions are waiting for us. The autumn stage of European cups is coming to an end, and it will be the last chance to win promotions to the playoffs. Last group matches will be played on the 10th, 11th (Champions League) and 12th (Europa League) of December.

There will be some exciting days in domestic leagues too. December is the most hard-working month in the English Premier League. All the teams have to play at least 7 games. Some teams have to add to that matches in European Cups, and Liverpool will have to go to another continent in the meantime to play FIFA Club World Cup games! What’s more, another matchday is on the 1st of January.

In other leagues some key matches will be played. Current leader of the German Bundesliga, Borussia Mönchengladbach will verify their strength against the most dangerous competitor – Bayern Munich. FC Barcelona won’t have an easy time this December neither. First, they will face Atletico on Wanda Metropolitano on the 1st of December. And before Christmas, there will be the much awaited Gran Derbi. El Clasico will have place on the 18th of December.

For good measure,  the previously mentioned FIFA Club World Cup will be held in December. Of course, the most awaited teams – Liverpool FC and Flamengo RJ, who won Copa Liberdatores in big style, will start their journey from semi-finals, 17th and 18th of December.


Despite the fact that the winners are already known both among the drivers and constructors, the last F1 race is worth watching. After that, there will be a long break between the seasons, so all the Formula 1 lovers will be miss it for sure.


The one of the most important tournaments right after the World Cup has already started on the 26th of November. The Grand Final will be play on the 8th of December. Will Ronnie O’Sullivan defend the title third year in a row?


Another season of ski jumping started on the 23rd of November in Wisla. Aside from weekly World Cup competitions, the classic Four Hills Tournament will start at the end of December. Winter sports take over!

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