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The difference between SportsAPI and ScoutsFeed explained

While getting familiar with STATSCORE products, you may have found that we have two different data feeds: SportsAPI and ScoutsFeed. You may have wondered, what is the difference and which one of them you should choose! Let us give you a helping hand, and guide you to make the right choice, for your business.


First things first, you have to know what your main needs are. Glad that we can agree on that! When your key demand is live, up to date information that includes all key incidents and stats form the game, we can point you in the direction of the wonderful world of ScoutsFeed! This is our very own feed, generated by STATSCORE’s highly trained scouts, collecting data from venues and via TV coverage.

‚ÄúWhat information does it contain?‚ÄĚ – I hear you ask. Well, we are happy to answer that question with an example. Let‚Äôs take soccer because it’s one of the most popular sports worldwide – So let’s have a look at the extended event stats, these are delivered with a latency fewer than 2 seconds from the venue and 15 seconds when delivered via TV.

  • Goal (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Yellow card (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Red card (with a person assigned)
  • Shot on target (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Shot off target (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Shot blocked (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Goalkeeper saved (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Penalty goal (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Own goal (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Substitution out (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Substitution in (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Penalty saved by goalkeeper (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Penalty (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Missed penalty (with a¬†person assigned)
  • Shot woodwork (with a¬†person assigned)
  • In possession
  • Attack
  • Dangerous attack
  • Goal kick
  • Possible corner
  • Corner
  • Possible corner cancelled
  • Throw-in
  • Foul
  • Free kick
  • Dangerous free kick
  • Possible goal
  • Goal (cancelled)
  • Injury
  • Offside
  • Possible card
  • Possible card cancelled
  • Possible penalty
  • Penalty cancelled
  • Kick-off
  • Injury time
  • Video assistant referee
  • Water break
  • Referee’s injury
  • Break during the game

Brace yourself ‚Äď because there more more to come. If you want to get familiar with the content of ScoutsFeed, we recommend a free trial, during which you can test the content and the speed of the data. During the 14 days test period, you will learn how to work with our Administrative Panel for ordering games and our detailed product documentation will tell you everything you need to know, to successfully get the best out of the feed.


Howdy, traveller. Take a seat, as you are in the right place. SportsAPI will provide you with all you need. This is a comprehensive source of sports statistics, results and standings. All easily accessible from our JSON and XML files, via PUSH and PULL methods of delivery.

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While engineering this product, we used our best experiences and knowledge about the needs of partners from different sectors: betting, media and sport. This led us to come up with a solution that can be used successfully to power up many different projects that have a huge demand for sports data.

For most of the key competitions, we keep a big database of historical data, which allows you to provide your users, not only with the most up to date run of results but also with information from the past. If you run an online project where people seek historical or cumulative data to make predictions and assumptions, you could not find a better solution.

We serve STATSCORE’s SportsAPI with a choice of four levels for most sports, starting from the basic BRONZE level that contains the elementary data you would need, such as season and participants data, up to the most sophisticated stats at the VIP level.


Basically, the answer is determined by your main needs. Below we have prepared a table that allows you to compare these two products and make the choice easier.

ScoutsFeed   SportsAPI
13 Available sports 24 + 3 e-sports
Yes LIVE data Yes
No Competition data: tables, standings, fixtures etc. Yes
widest Range of stats Mixed (from basic: bronze to the widest: gold)
1-2 seconds from the venue, 15 seconds from TV Latency Mixed
PUSH and PULL Data delivery systems PUSH and PULL

If you want to get in touch to find out more, just contact our Customer Success Team at or use the LiveChat service on our website. We will be more than happy to schedule a call and discuss how our SportsAPI or ScoutsFeed can help your organization!