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The Curious Case of Jamal Crawford

In the last home match for Dirk Novitzki and the Phoenix Suns during the regular season, a new record was set. Jamal Crawford became the oldest player to score more than 50 points in a game. He beat the previous record set by Michael Jordan. Crawford scored 51 points at the age of 39, Jordan scored the same number of points but he was one year younger than Jamal at the time. The record-breaker overshadowed the performance of Dirk Novitzki on his own territory. They lost the match but the feat was written in the pages of history.


Jamal Crawford has played in the best league in the world since the year 2000. This year was his 20th season on the parquets of the NBA. He is famous for his cat-like movement, fantastic dribbling and ball control. There are not many players that can make crossovers like him. During his whole career, he has over 85% efficiency for free throws and is often ranked as one of the leagues most valued players, where he has finished as high 6th. This made him the first player called into action from the bench to influence a team’s performance. We have to mention the fact, he won the 6th Man of the Year award three times – in 2010,2014 and 2016.

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He will be best remembered by the New York Knicks fans. He played there between the years 2004-2008 and he was one of the leaders in that team. He had a 20.6 average for points scored in his best season. He is also well-known for playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, where he electrified fans with his unconventional style in the years between 2012-2017.

Of course, these were not only clubs where he has played. He “visited” a lot of clubs during his career: Chicago Bulls (2000-2004), Golden State Warriors (2008-2009), Atlanta Hawks (2009-2011), Portland Trail Blazers (2011-2012), Minnesota Timberwolves (2017-2018) and spent his last season playing for the Phoenix Suns.


Jamal Crawford is not as recognizable as the biggest stars of the NBA, but he deserved to be remembered and we are sure he will be. He has been very lucky to avoid injuries and despite his age, he played most of the season.

There are a lot of compilation movies with the most spectacular plays from his time in the NBA. You can see his runs to the basket, crossovers or watch him dribble. Not everyone has such moves at this age.

With this disposition, it is possible that he will get offered a new contract and if so, maybe he still has a season or two left in the NBA.


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