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That’s an ace from… STATSCORE. Discover PrematchHints for volleyball!

STATSCORE’s recently introduced PrematchHints Add-On is already rocking the world of sports betting. These engaging and accurate pieces of data work well not just with football/soccer games, but with many other sports as well. The newly added Volleyball Hints are the best confirmation of the trend. Thanks to this online bookies can rapidly increase their turnover.

What are the PrematchHints for volleyball?

STATSCORE’s PrematchHints are fully automated AI-powered sports designed to boost bettors’ and sports fans’ engagement, which in turn translates into betting websites’ profits. 

This solution works as an add-on to 2 of STATSCORE’s renowned products – PrematchPro and StatsWidgets.

PrematchHints are already available for several popular sports, and the newly added Volleyball Hints already show great potential for bringing more bettors and fans closer to this exciting sport. 

What kind of PrematchHints are available for volleyball?

There are a number of possible pre-match hints for volleyball. Our add-on provides the best prompts depending on the type of bet, making users the most engaged players ever.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Under/over (set) – number of points in a given set.

First/second/etc. sets won in recent matches.

Number of recently won games / winning streaks.

Number of sets played in a team’s recent matches.

Points over/under (match) – number of points scored in a team’s recent matches.

As you can see the specific hints can, with just one click, lead to a betting slip, which is just one step for a user to place a bet. What could be more encouraging?

Key advantages of PrematchHints

Let us remind the key features of PrematchHints for your business:

  • 7 sports covered and more to come,
  • Over 20000 events with PrematchHints per month, 
  • Betslips on hand,
  • Rich reporting possibilities with the backoffice tool. 

All of these above have been made with a clear goal – to increase your turnover from online betting regardless if you run a bookie and will see the direct traffic movement from hints to coupons or an affiliate who will redirect users from hints to the landing pages for the program you have been participating in.

Ready to try our PrematchHints for volleyball? 

This outstanding solution comes in two variants:


PrematchPro + PrematchHints Add-On

Choose if you wish to power up your web offer with great pre-match widgets including integrated hints!

Check out PrematchPro with PrematchHints!

StatsWidgets + PrematchHints Add-On

Choose this one if you prefer to display PrematchHints alone without the extended pre-game widgets.

Try StatsWidgets with PrematchHints right now!


Please note that you need to purchase a PrematchPro or a StatsWidgets license to use them.

Not sure what to choose?

Contact our Business Development Team at to let us explore your needs and arrange an online presentation for you.