Team integration – building, playing, having fun

Talking about team integration is like describing the flavour of mango fruit or convincing someone how important friendship is. There are some things that require you to be a part of them, so you can really understand them. Team integration is definitely one of these. 

At STATSCORE the first association with „team integration”  for the vast majority is:

  • having a party
  • going out together to a club/pub/restaurant

Some indicated they wanted to:

  • go on an integration trip

There were single votes for:

  • having a campfire
  • playing football together
  • going to an escape room
  • going paintballing

Nobody suggested building the tallest card tower or analyzing how many great things people can do together with cooperation.

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So the first conclusions are:

  • it should be fun
  • it should not be related to work
  • it should bring people together
  • it will help people to build positive relationships


The most popular integration games and activities (indicated earlier) like escape rooms, paintballing, bowling, tug of war, rope parks, treasure hunts, offroading, sports competitions and many others, bring us to our next conclusions.

The goals for team integration are (depending of course on the type of activity):

– improvement of communication

– getting to know and understand each other better

– finding solutions to common problems

– making decisions

– solving conflicts

– delegating tasks

– developing creativity

– constructive rivalry

– coping with stress

We could find many more advantages of team integration and deliberate for a long time about its influence on a team.

But team integration in theory only is not the best idea. At STATSCORE, we prefer to enjoy participating in team integration.

STATSCORE’s yearly integration trip is in about two weeks! And we promise to report how it went!

If you want to become part of the STATSCORE team, check the latest vacancies, as we build the biggest sports data centre in the world.

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