Table tennis, welcome aboard

It has been a while since my last post here but believe it or not, work never stops in STATSCORE company. We had to do a lot of background work to prepare ScoreFrame for new sports. Our Editors Department kept working 24h a day in order to prepare a proper database of competitions and players. They did hell of a job and here it is, new sport finally arrived. Table tennis, welcome aboard!


Stats database for table tennis

As you may have figured, it is similar to Tennis. We have made it possible to search for selected competition located in proper category like f.e. ITTF Open. We also kept the schema for all individual sports and provide men and women competitions separately to make easy searching process. Have a look below how it looks.


You can always find more details on our DEMO website:
DEMO – Table tennis

We have got 11 sports right now, but guess what, it is far from over! Probably the most important thing to write here is that new sports are already inches close to appear on ScoreFrame. Next post with some good news will come soon, in the meantime, enjoy Table tennis!