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STATSCORE’s PrematchHints keep on rocking. It’s time for futsal!

STATSCORE’s revolutionary PrematchHints Add-On keeps conquering the world of sports betting with smart tips that inspire more wagers for bookmakers. Let’s learn more about our latest addition, PrematchHints for futsal!

What are STATSCORE’s PrematchHints?

PrematchHints Add-On to StatsWidgets and PrematchPro is a set of data-packed, AI-powered sports tips that encourage users to place more bets on bookmakers’ websites. And what’s crucial, they can be fully mapped with your offer, which allows users to add specific wagers straight to their bet slips!

This trail-blazing solution is already available for a number of the world’s most popular sports, including football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Now, the time has come to introduce hints for one of the most rapidly growing disciplines – futsal!

How do PrematchHints for futsal work?

Futsal is currently one of the most dynamically developing indoor sports in the world. This fast, action-packed version of football is attracting growing attention from sports media, fans, and bettors. STATSCORE’s PrematchHints for futsal were designed to help bookmakers cash on this trend!

What types of PrematchHints are available for futsal?

Will both teams score? How probable is it for the home team to win? Which teams perform better in their away matches? STATSCORE’s PrematchHints for futsal provide your users with the most reliable data to inspire more betting ideas. Let’s see what kind of tips we’ve got!

Winning/losing streaks – number of  a team’s wins/losses in latest matches

Home/away games lost or won by a team

Winning/losing streaks in previous matches between the involved teams

Data on matches in which both teams scored

Key advantages of PrematchHints

Let us remind the key features of PrematchHints for your business:

  • 7 sports covered and more to come,
  • Over 20000 events with PrematchHints per month, 
  • Betslips on hand,
  • Rich reporting possibilities with the backoffice tool. 

Ready to try our PrematchHints for futsal? 

This outstanding solution comes in two variants:


PrematchPro + PrematchHints Add-On

Choose if you wish to power up your web offer with great pre-match widgets including integrated hints!

Check out PrematchPro with PrematchHints!

StatsWidgets + PrematchHints Add-On

Choose this one if you prefer to display PrematchHints alone without the extended pre-game widgets.

Try StatsWidgets with PrematchHints right now!


Please note that you need to purchase a PrematchPro or a StatsWidgets license to use them.

Not sure what to choose?

Contact our Business Development Team at to let us explore your needs and arrange an online presentation for you.