Partner success story

STATSCORE’s official data puts Futsal Ekstraklasa fans on top of the action!

The quality of solutions delivered by STATSCORE, as the official sports data partner, to professional leagues has been appreciated across numerous sports and competitions, and futsal is surely one of them. Thanks to the outstanding live data and stats, Futsal Ekstraklasa, the top flight of the sport in Poland, has been able to attract new fans and increase the value of its brand. Let’s find out more!

Official futsal data straight from the venues

Futsal Ekstraklasa, the highest tier of futsal pyramid in Poland, has been using STATSCORE’s official sports data since the start of the 2019/2020 season.

Right from the beginning of this collaboration, the official data has been helping the league to achieve some of its most crucial goals.

Having the official data delivered by STATSCORE marks another step in the process of the league professionalization and in building its brand in the market. You could compare it to installing air conditioning or power steering in your car. The price of the car increases immediately – said Maciej Karczyński, chairman of Futsal Ekstraklasa, upon the signing of the league’s deal with STATSCORE.

How do we collect and deliver the data?

The top-quality live data is collected directly from the venues by a team of highly-trained scouts. They are present at each and every game in the league to observe, record, and immediately deliver data and stats on every important incident happening on the court.

This allows STATSCORE to keep the league’s fans and followers updated about each attack, shot, foul, yellow or red card, and any other significant incident on the court.

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The verified data is then presented in a visually attractive and engaging form through a customised LeagueCenter mini-site accessible at the Futsal Ekstraklasa’s official website.

Apart from the live data delivered directly from the courts, the LeagueCenter also includes advanced tools for team comparisons, comprehensive players’ statistics, and league standings.

What are the benefits gained by the league?

Official sports data provided by STATSCORE has brought numerous benefits to the Futsal Ekstraklasa.

Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial ones:

  • league’s growing popularity gained thanks to the ability to attract and engage fans with real-time data, stats, and visualisations;
  • financial profits generated by making the data available to betting organisations and media outlets;
  • growing awareness of the league’s brand in the market;
  • exclusive content created thanks to the data delivered by STATSCORE (infographics, articles, game previews);
  • increasing recognisability among sponsors and partners;
  • highest-quality experience for everyone following the league;
  • ability to build a strong following in social media.

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STATSCORE’s is a Polish company whose mission is to build the Biggest Sports Data Center in the world. The company provides highest-quality sports data and statistics in the form of widgets, minisites, and feeds. STATSCORE supports sports fans and organisations, media outlets, and bookmakers, by offering reliable live data, in-depth statistics, and attractive visualisations. The company employs a global team of highly-trained scouts, who deliver the most accurate and trustworthy data in real-time.

STATSCORE’s products are used by leading businesses around the world, including media organisations, such as Le Figaro and Onet, and bookmakers, such as Ladbrokes and Eurobet. The company is also the official data provider for sports leagues, such as PGNiG Superliga and Futsal Ekstraklasa. In 2018, STATSCORE was recognised as one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe (Technology Fast 50 CE).

About Futsal Ekstraklasa

Futsal Ekstraklasa is the highest level of futsal competition in Poland.

The league was founded on November 6, 1994. The games in the league are held under UEFA and FIFA rules. Currently, the league consists of 12 teams.

The winner of the league is crowned the Champion of Poland, while the three teams that finish on the last positions in the table are relegated to the Polish 1st league.