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STATSCORE’s eye on handball 2018/19 – part 2: Slovnaft Extraliga

This time we take a look an another of the top handball leagues for whom STATSCORE is the official statistics partner. The Second round matches in the Slovnaft Handball Extraliga, brought with it, one big surprise in Piestany and some great returns. Let us explain what we mean, with the stats.

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MHK Piestany – Tatran Presov 34:31 (15:15)

Extraliga newcomers and a team that aims to stay in this league for next season, vs 14-time Slovakian Extraliga winners and this season’s Champions League participant, who have lost only 7 out of 101 matches during the last 3 league seasons. It seemed the result between MHK Piestany and Tatran Presov would be easy to predict. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The home team won this match against the league’s  most dominant performers,  and it is one of the most unexpected results in Slovak handball over recent years.

It is worth mentioning that two of Piestany’s players – Tomas Laho and Pavol Polakovic scored in total, almost half of all the goals scored by their team during this match (both scored 8 goals with 67% throw efficiency).

Tatran had 14 turnovers in this match and lost 8 goals in last 10 minutes (34 goals in total) – they have to play much better, if they want to win next Saturday’s Champions League match against Besiktas in Istanbul.


HKM Sala – TJ Strojar Malacky 35:20 (19:5)

HKM Sala won their match against Strojar Malacky by 15 goals. The away team scored only 5 goals in in the first half! A very rare achievement  in handball. It should also be noted that during the whole match, Strojar’s goalkeepers, only saved 8 out of 43 shots from it’s rival’s that were on target.

What was really strange – during the 60 minutes of play, only one penalty shot was taken (scored by the hosts).

The team from Sala are the league leader after two rounds (they have played against the only two teams who haven’t scored a point yet). Will it be the same after their next match? It won’t be easy – HKM, play  Tatran, in Presov, on Wednesday.


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SKP Bratislava – Sporta Hlohovec 29:29 (16:14)

Total shots 49-50

Shots on target : 42-42

Goalkeeper saves 13-13

Throw efficiency : 59% – 58%

Statistics from the match between SKP Bratislava and Sparta Hlohovec are really close. No wonder it ended in a draw.

It was also really a close duel between the top scores from both teams. Tomas Kysel – left-winger, playing for team from the capital of Slovakia, scored 9 goals ( 81% efficiency) while Daniel Kyvala put the ball in the net 11 times (20 throws in match) and 4/4 in 7-meter throws (now he is league’s best ranked player, with 5 penalties scored this season).


MSK Pov. Bystrica – HC Start Nove Zamky 34:28 (17:13)

MSK Povazska Bystrica players wanted to redeem themselves after their first round match in Presov, where they conceded 45 goals!

This time they played much better both in defence and offense. This resulted in a win against Start Nove Zamky.

Simon Machac, the 24-year old from Povazska Bystrica, was the man of the match for the second time this season. He scored 9 goals and now he’s the league’s top scorer (20 goals). Machac plays really aggressively – making him co-leader (with Tomas Mazar from Sparta Hlohovec) in the 2-minute suspension standings.

Start Nove Zamky had seven power play situations – it didn’t really help and they lost their first match of the 2018/2019 season.


HK Agro Topolcany – TJ Slovan Modra 33:21 (18:9)

HK Agro Topolcany, last season’s runner-up, won against TJ Slovan Modra without too many problems.

The host team were much better from the beginning and had an edge over their rivals during the whole match. They scored 6 goals in each of the 10-minutes periods in the first half, while  the away team were only able to find the net 9 times during this half hour.

Slovan Modra’s players have to improve their throw accuracy – they had 16 missed throws in this game.


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