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STATSCORE’s exclusive data partnerships bring benefits to sports leagues and betting companies around the world!

STATSCORE keeps adding to its portfolio new professional sports organizations for which the company is the exclusive provider of sports data. These collaborations bring numerous benefits both to the leagues themselves, as well as to the betting companies looking for high-quality and diversified data! Let’s take a look at some of the leagues for which STATSCORE is already the exclusive data partner.

Sports data is an extremely valuable asset nowadays, and it’s being monetized in a number of ways by sports leagues, organizations governing competitions, and clubs – and not just those on the world’s top level!

In fact, STATSCORE’s top-class data and real-time statistics available in unique products designed for clubs’ and leagues’ websites are one of the ways in which sports organizations are able to attract more fans, sponsors, and partners. Advanced sports data solutions allow them to offer visually attractive content that boosts the value of the league’s TV rights, and last but not least – to secure the incomes from offering the data to the betting industry.

Under the exclusive rights agreements, sports leagues make sure that only STATSCORE scouts are allowed to collect the data from the venues and all the other potential scouts won’t enter the stadiums and halls. That’s how sports organizations can take control of their statistics and data – and monetize in a variety of ways! Such data becomes a valuable asset to be offered to the betting industry to create odds and other products.

Using STATSCORE’s high-class exclusive data is a great way for bookmakers to enrich their offer with the fastest and most dependable live sports statistics coming from some of the world’s most interesting emerging competitions!

2. Liga (Poland, soccer)

2. Liga is the third tier of the Polish football league system, organized by the Polish Football Association (PZPN, Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej), the governing body of football (soccer) in Poland. It is currently contested by 18 teams. Starting from the spring portion of the 2020/21 season through the 2022/23 campaign, STATSCORE has been providing official sports statistics from all the 2. Liga games.

STATSCORE’s advanced solutions for sports data collection and delivery have allowed the league to provide access to all the statistics in a compact way through dedicated League and TeamCenters.

– We know how important the analysis and statistics are nowadays, and how well they attract the attention of football fans. We can say that they have become a crucial, or even indispensable, feature of this sport. We are also happy to keep improving the quality of the league by establishing such a collaboration – Paweł Guminiak, Chairman of the 2. Liga said about the partnership.

Women Ekstraliga (Poland, soccer)

Polish Women Ekstraliga, the highest tier of women’s football in Poland, is one of the competitions that are taking advantage of the highest-class statistics and live data delivered by STATSCORE. The league is organized by the Polish Football Association (PZPN, Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej), the governing body of football (soccer) in Poland.

Women football’s growing popularity and its professionalization result in the need for advanced sports data solutions. The key benefits of having access to official STATSCORE’s data include

  • guaranteed share in revenues from the distribution of stats and data to sports betting companies, broadcasters, and media,
  • ability to keep fans interested and engaged with real-time data, stats, and visualizations;
  • improved experience for supporters and followers – TeamCenters on clubs’ websites, and LeagueCenter on the league’s website,

Under the official data deal, STATSCORE is providing the league with live football statistics and data gathered directly from the venues by teams of experienced scouts.

STATSCORE Futsal Ekstraklasa (Poland, futsal)

Futsal Ekstraklasa, the highest tier of the futsal pyramid in Poland, has been using STATSCORE’s official sports data since the start of the 2019/2020 season.

The quality of solutions delivered by STATSCORE, as the official sports data partner, to professional leagues has been appreciated across numerous sports and competitions, and futsal is surely one of them. Thanks to the outstanding live data and stats, Futsal Ekstraklasa has been able to attract new fans and increase the value of its brand.

Having the official data delivered by STATSCORE marks another step in the process of the league professionalization and in building its brand in the market. You could compare it to installing air conditioning or power steering in your car. The price of the car increases immediately – said Maciej Karczyński, chairman of Futsal Ekstraklasa, upon the signing of the league’s deal with STATSCORE.

The verified data is then presented in a visually attractive and engaging form through a customized LeagueCenter mini-site accessible at the Futsal Ekstraklasa’s official website.

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PGNiG – Men and Women leagues (Poland, handball)

STATSCORE has been providing official sports data for PGNiG Superliga since the start of the 2017/2018 season.

STATSCORE has the exclusive rights to gather, compile and distribute the data from all Superliga PGNIG matches. Under the agreement, the company has also been providing data visualizations used on the league’s website and mobile application.

The collaboration has been widely seen as an important step in the development of men and women handball in Poland.

Our agreement with STATSCORE is another important step towards achieving the professional goals of PGNiG Superliga. Using the experience of our new partner, we want to open up new channels of income and implement modern solutions which will not only benefit the clubs and the league, but above all the supporters – said Superliga’s President Łukasz Gontarek.

STATSCORE’s portfolio as the exclusive data provider is constantly growing.

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