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STATSCORE’s eye on handball part 3: PGNiG Superliga

This week, two teams that scored at least 40 goals in 60 minutes, close matches in Opole, Kalisz, Gdańsk and a easy win for Azoty Puławy. Wow! Do you know what happened in the third round of PGNIG Supeliga matches where STATSCORE act as the official stats provider? Let’s us take you with us!

Vive Kielce won their 79th league match in a row! This time they beat Arka Gdynia. The 15 time Polish Champions are still struggling with injuries and that’s why they traveled to Gdynia with only 12 players, but it didn’t prevent them from claiming  victory.

Alex Dujshebaev, Daniel Dujshebaev, Julen Aguinagalde and Angel Fernandez Garcia – these four Spanish players scored almost half (19 of 40) the goals for away team in this match.

Arka Gdynia have given away 116 goals in three matches – Dawid Nilsson and Adam Lisiewicz (team coaches) have to work with their players to improve the team’s defence. Safety first, guys!

But what positives can be taken away for the team from the seaside city? Arka is the first home team since 29th of March 2017, who have scored more than 30 goals against Vive in a league match (Azoty Puławy also lost 31:40 on that occasion). No other team managed that in the following  23 matches.


Górnik Zabrze, are a team that disappointed their fans last season (they lost in the league Quarterfinals against Gwardia Opole) played last weekend against Pogoń Szczecin and they started as absolute favourite to win this match.

After 30 minutes it was only 15:14 for the home team. The second half was much better for Rastislav Trtik’s players and Górnik won 32:26.

Both team had players that stood out. Bartłomiej Tomczak (7 goals) and Arkadiusz Bosy (8 goals) finished the game with 100% throw efficiency.

18 throws from the 9 meter-line, and only 5 goals ( Górnik – 4/11 , Pogoń 1/7) – the numbers were not impressive for this one.


A match with no emotion. Azoty Puławy, from the beginning of the game were the much better team and the only question was „How big will be the goal difference be at the end of the match”.

Stal Mielec didn’t help themselves, with 19 turnovers and six 2-minutes suspensions during this match. Only 17 goals scored out of 37 shots from 6 meters – didn’t help their cause.

It was another fantastic performance from Valentin Koshovy, Azoty’s goalkeeper. He saved 11 throws and after 3 rounds he is the league’s best goalkeeper with 40,82% efficiency! His team have won all of their matches so far this season.

Stal lost their 7th league match in a row against Azoty. They have just one point in league table at the moment. C’mon guys, you know you can do so much better. Time to team up and head for some points!


After the first half all fans watching the league match between Gwardia and Piotrkowianin in „Okrąglak” Arena thought it would be a very easy win for the home team. They could not be more wrong! The away team played a fantastic second half and after 60 minutes it was draw (26:26). Piotrkowianin’s players then kept their heads and went on to win the penalty shoot out by 4 goals to 3.

What can be reassuring for Gwardia? Patryk Mauer played a fantastic match – he scored 10 goals, made use of all 6 penalties he had in the game and after the third round he is league’s top scorer (23 goals). It’s well worth pointing out the fact that he has had only two shots all season, that have not found the back of the net! Impressive, isn’t it?

Piotrkowianin’s Roman Pożarek is the most brutal player in the league – he got his second red card this season (he’s also had six 2-minutes suspensions and three yellow cards) but it didn’t stop his team, they won their first match of the 2017/2018 PGNIG Superliga’s season.


In the 2017/2018 playoff’s (1/8 final) Energa MKS Kalisz won the two-legged tie against Zagłębie Lubin (26:27 and 36:24) and advanced to league quarterfinals.

Before this season’s 3rd round league match, Kalisz’s players said they wanted to defeat the same opponents again, but in the end they lost this match by 2 goals.

The main reason MKS lost this match is their goalkeepers efficiency. Artsem Padasinau and Łukasz Zakreta saved only 6 of their rival’s throws (18%).

Zagłębie was much better for 6 meter throws (79% efficiency against MKS’s 64%)

Energa is one of only three teams that have not scored any points yet in the league this season. Friendly tip: start gathering points before it is too late.


Wybrzeże Gdańsk and MMTS Kwidzyn have won both of their league matches this season (Kwidzyn won one of them after penalties). That’s why the game between these two teams was expected to be very interesting.

And so it was. Neither of the teams could get a real advantage during the match. It was very a good day for Wybrzeże’s Adrian Kondratiuk (8 goals – after this match Kondratiuk is the second best scorer in the league) and Kwidzyn’s Michał Peret (8 goals and a 100% throw efficiency).

In the 57th minute, when Wybrzeże lead by a single goal (26:25), their player – Ksawery Gajek- received a 2-minute suspension. MMTS made use of this chance, scored 2 goals and won the match.

Wybrzeże Gdańsk scored just 2 goals from the 7 fast attacks they had in this match, while Kwidzyn’s fast attack efficiency was 5 from 7 (63%) proving again – you have to be fast and furious (and efficient) to succeed!


Orlen Wisła Płock came to Głogów with a plan to win against Chrobry for the 27th time in a row and the 14th time in a row away from home, in the league. Last year PGNIG’s Superliga runners-up got the job done – they won by 7 goals.

After 3rd  round of league matches, these two teams are the worst 7-meter throw statistics. In 3 matches Chrobry scored just 5 out of 9 penalties (55,6%), while Wisła have missed 7 of the 17 penalties they’ve had (58,8%).

It is worth mentioning that it was a very aggressive match – referee’s gave twelve 2-minute penalties. This makes it one of the toughest battle in Głogów, since 1109.

Wisła is one of three teams that scored at least 100 goals this season (exactly 100 goals, Azoty Puławy – 104 – Vive Kielce – 108).


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