STATSCORE team gathers to plan new PI

We are SAFE! Literally SAFE. STATSCORE teams work with the use of this great methodology to allow us to plan, allocate resources and control works more effectively. Every two months we meet in a hotel in Katowice in order to summarize the last PI and plan the new one. This is what made us gather on 22nd February 2019.

The key lecture of the meeting was delivered by our CEO, Tomasz Myalski, who presented the new structure of the company and players profiles. Yeap, you heard well! Since we are a sports-related company we thought that it makes sense to use the sports analogy much deeper. This is why instead of keeping the employees’ profiles, we changed them for the players one and engage people more into reaching common goals. Teams of the month? Yes, we will have it!

Besides of the new organization and naming announcement, we spent the day mainly on summarizing the last two months. All the successes and failures were discussed and analyzed by the leaders of the team to understand what we need to do to remain on the path of the winners.

Lots of work behind, tons of work ahead

We ended the day with a common dinner – yes, eating is still a big passion of ours.

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