STATSCORE Staff met twice: to celebrate and to plan!

We are STATSCORE, you know us well. We are not like other companies you might have known. We like each other – a lot! This is why our staff take every opportunity to meet and spend time together. Only a couple of days ago, we took the entire office crew to meetings outside of their everyday environment, twice!


Yeap, this is correct! Fire, fire, fire and even more fire. This is what took us outside on a cool late, summer evening. The STATCORE crew kicked back together and enjoyed a warm fire to fend off the chill of the night. We can’t lie to you – we had some good food and a few drinks, but c’mon, it was Friday. We have worked hard for this.

Teambuilding activities are what make STATSCORE a united team that’s focused on people as a core value.


After everyone had a chance to rest over the weekend, we met up again on Monday at the Novotel in Katowice. This was to sum up, the last 10 weeks and plan for the next term. You probably know that we work with the SAFE methodology that underlines the importance of proper evaluation when it comes to progress made and the planning of what comes next.


This is why our CEO, Tomasz Myalski takes great care to gather all of us in one place, far away from our daily duties and spend one day every ten weeks together evaluating, what we have achieved so we can properly set the programs and tasks for the next couple of months.

We are on the verge of a big jump into the future of STATSCORE. With the latest development of… something really big and with new big partners turning to sign in with us we move bravely into the great wide open.

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