STATSCORE reinvents football (at least visually)

Throughout the history of football, the game has been constantly developing and reinventing itself. The rules have been modified multiple times, new competitions have been established, and technology has been changing the way fans follow and support their teams. Today, the most popular sport on the planet is still growing and developing. And STATSCORE keeps reinventing football data and LIVE SPORT trackers to take following football to another level!

Football – a history of revolutions

Everybody who knows at least some things about the history of football has to be aware of the amazing changes that have been transforming the game. And at least a few of them have been quite revolutionary!

At first, it had to be decided what should be the exact rules of the game, because in the early 19th century there were multiple different codes. It took some guts, and a lot of effort, to establish the Cambridge Rules, which had a decisive impact on how the game has been played ever since. Last but not least – football would have never kicked off with its unified rules if it wasn’t for… the railoroad revolution of the lat 19th century that allowed teams to travel, and that highlighted the need for one set of rules for everybody. Sometimes such uneasy connections make the world go on!

Then there were more ground-breaking changes started by visionaries and enthusiasts who wanted to improve football against all odds. Is it possible to imagine football without the World Cup tournaments or TV broadcast of league matches? Today the answer is obvious, but in the past these developments really were revolutionary – and they had some die-hard opponents!

Today were on the verge of yet another revolution, one based on data, stats, and sport visualisations.

STATSCORE reinvents football data

STATSCORE’s new revamped Football LivematchPro widgets were designed to change following football into really living it. It was created to meet the needs of sport fans, booking organisations, and media outlets.

What’s so special about the new LivematchPro?

  • captivating ball-tracking visualisations to allow viewers to follow all the action
  • customised animations of every incident that happens on the field
  • the most reliable and quickest data delivered by the most experienced STATSCORE scouts
  • the most attractive visual experience for fans

Real-time sports data and stats have never been experienced that way before!

Ready to join the revolution? You can meet us in London at ICE 2020 to discuss the future of the game! Let’s schedule a meeting right now!

Benefits for fans, betting, and media!

This amazing solution will allow football fans to keep track of everything that’s happening on the field in real-time, and to strengthen their understanding of the game.

It’s a real game-changer for every betting organisation struggling to attract new users and encourage them to place more bets before the game ends. Higher traffic and more revenue is guaranteed! The revamped widgets will also be an incredible boon to online media outlets that need to keep their visitors entertained with the highest-quality sports data and stats.


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