STATSCORE November 2019 – review

Another month has passed, we are all 30 days older, 30 days smarter and a couple of pizza days happier! November was a good month for STATSCORE and the people here. Before it vanishes into history, let’s recap what we achieved and how proud we are!


We are growing bigger and bigger month by month. In November, we added three new colleagues to our happy band. Agata took over the responsibilities as the Junior HR and Payroll Specialist and she is providing a lot of relief for the HR team. What a great start!

Our new Content Marketing Manager, Michał set himself a tough challenge by kicking off with publishing a review of the famous computer sports game “Football Manager” and what it can teach those in the betting industry. If you make such a grand entrance, you need to continue to deliver at the highest level. So fingers crossed!

Last but not least – Grzegorz strengthened our team as the ninth Data Quality Controller on board. This equals with STATSCORE – data bugs 9:0. And you can be sure that your sports data is in good hands.

We remember that continuous self-development is one of STATSCORE five values. This is why some of us used the opportunity to participate in the key conferences in their areas of responsibilities. Our designers – Bartosz and Grzegorz – the great guys who are behind the way STATSCORE website and each of our products look like were taking part in World Usability Day. A couple of days earlier other members of our office crew took part in 3 conferences – 2 in Poland (Krzysztof in PHPcon Poland and Justyna – HR Conference) and 1 in the UK (Michał – REDIS DAY LONDON).

STATSCORE’s basketball team managed to come back strong and put in a winning performance against BT Lexicon, 41:28. And with one game ahead all that we can say is: Go for it, lads!

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The last paragraph has to be for the winner of the winners! Our local poker star, Kajetan won the TURBO MONSTER STACK tournament in Karvina in Czech Republic. Dámy a pánové, tak hrajeme tady poker!


We are happy to announce that Poland’s newest bookmaker, eWinner have decided to power up their online services with STATSCORE’s LivematchPro. These unique live sports trackers that include disciplines such as ski jumping, speedway, F1 and many more have been chosen to provide maximum entertainment for fans.

STATSCORE keep on growing all over the world. One of our newest partners comes from Asia. have also decided to use LivematchPro for their website. We are very proud that our growth on five continents continues at a rapid pace.


Did we mention that we love team sports? Yes, we do! This is why we came up with a surprise for all the ‘Moneyball’ fans around the world. We have introduced a new discipline for LeagueCenter. If you guessed baseball, you would be 100% correct. This data-driven discipline will be the fifth sport available in this competition-centred platform following on from soccer (football), volleyball, handball and ice-hockey. We are happy that thanks to our hard work and continuous development, we can help our partners’ extend their services.


ICE 2020 is on the way and, we have all hands on deck preparing for the most important event, on the betting industry’s calendar. What can you expect from STATSCORE in London? Well, quite a lot.

  1. We are bringing a completely new and innovative stand – you won’t be disappointed if you come to meet us. We believe that what we have come up with will make us one of the hottest places to visit over this three-day event. But for now – Shh! We want it to be a HUGE surprise…
  2. The premier of our new visualizations are on the way – ICE provides the perfect time and place to show the world, what we have been working on over the last couple of months. Again, we are convinced that our partners will be more than satisfied with what we have developed. These new trackers will help them win over even more loyal users and increase their turnover. Eager to find out more? Come to the STATSCORE stand (S2-242) at ICE 2020 – from the 4th – 6th of February.

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