STATSCORE nominated by SBC for PrematchHints! What made the jury appreciate our add-on?

It is always nice to be appreciated. It is even nicer if the appreciation comes from the leaders of the betting industry. So no surprise that here at STASTCORE we feel so proud to be nominated for the elite category of SBC Awards 2022 for Suppliers in the category Sports Data Product with PrematchHints!

As the event takes place in Barcelona on 22nd September we will all be able to learn if STATSCORE will have a chance to celebrate receiving the award for which we have been shortlisted. As we await the jury’s verdict, let’s have a chance to make you familiar with PrematchHints.

What are PrematchHints?

STATSCORE PrematchHints Add-On to StatsWidgets and PrematchPro is a set of fully automated sports hints created with AI to increase the turnover of online betting companies and based on STATSCORE’s deep and continuously developed sports database.

Thanks to the big data analysis and extensive STATSCORE database of historical sports data we can serve numerous hints for every single event for 7 different sports including such front-liners as soccer, basketball, tennis and more.

How the betting companies can benefit from PrematchHints?

We have gathered millions of stats for players, teams, and competitions over the last 15 years. With such a rich database, it was the right time to build our own algorithms to analyze BIG DATA and suggest the best hints to inspire bettors to wager more! 

Thanks to the entertaining and simple presentation of the data they make it easy for the bettors to choose the best option and go to their bet slips with one click as PrematchHints are fully mapped with STATSCORE’s clients’ offers.

The fully-integrated bet slips work for the online bookmakers taking their users directly from the inspiration’s point to the actual bet placing. This route has never been shorter!

Can I learn more about PrematchHints?

Sure do – just choose your preferred path to success:

1. I AM A DIE-HARD READER – glad to find out! Let’s take you on an online journey with our unique content guides and raise the stake with the latest news center entries. 

2. I AM A BELIEVER… WHO NEEDS TO TOUCH IT. Perfect! We have something for you. Just request a free trial of StatsWidgets or PrematchPro with PrematchHints and start testing the products today for 14 days with no commitment from your end.

PrematchPro + PrematchHints Add-On

Boost your business with PrematchPro and the amazing Prematch Hints Add-On!



StatsWidgets + PrematchHints Add-On

Check out STATSCORE’s incredible set of StatsWidgets with amazing Prematch Hints Add-On!



3. I LIKE TO TALK TO PEOPLE. Even better! Meet us in Barcelona and let us answer all your questions (no spoiler alerts – we do not know how “The Rings of Power” end)


Not sure what to choose and how to proceed?

Contact our Business Development Team at to let us explore your needs and arrange an online presentation for you. It has never been easier!