STATSCORE in September 2019 – Review

Whoa! What a month September was. Kids had to go back to school, the holidays were over, the rain was about to start falling for the rest of the year. Was there anything that could make anyone optimistic? Well actually, a lot of good things happened for STATSCORE. For us, the sun never sets (OK, it does, but we have artificial lights to work with when the darkness kicks in).


After the successes of our soccer team and the amazing individual achievements by our leading athletes – Bartosz Dudek (triathlon) and Krzysztof Szala (long runs? no! extremely LONG runs and in the mountains too) STATSCORE’s volleyball team hit the wooden floor. No worries that the first game did not end up as planned in terms of the result. We only had to wait a week to celebrate winning our first match. Well done, lads!

You probably know us very well by now. You might have even heard we like to work hard and play hard. Yeap, so it will be no surprise that the onset of autumn makes no difference to us! The entire office staff met for an evening outside with a raging bonfire for company. This was a unique beginning to the last weekend of summer. Will we miss it as the leaves start to fall? Never, as the sun always shines somewhere – Oops, we have already mentioned that.


September was the month we finally started our cooperation with the Futsal Ekstraklasa league. We are proud to say that we have become their official stats provider. As the season kicked off, STATSCORE scouts turned up to indoor venues all over the country to deliver the fastest stats from every game.

After successfully providing the PGNiG Superliga men’s competition with official data for the last two seasons, we made a joint decision to extend the cooperation to include the best women’s handball league in the country too. This means that STATSCORE became the official statistical partner for the women’s Superliga. Well done, us!


Our Developers work hard to make sure that what your clients get, is the ultimate betting solution of their dreams. We keep on making our live sports widgets, LivematchPro and their pre-event companions PrematchPro better, faster and nicer. We never say ‘Our work is done!’ So for our SportsAPI feed, we have added even more competitions and participants in the last month. Do you remember that our ambitious goal is to cover 100 sports? And provide the Biggest Sports Data Center in the world? Guess what – we are getting closer and closer.

We are data maniacs, so let us recap some of the key numbers for the month:

– 8 854 number of SportsAPI competitions covered at the end of September

– 25 212 number of LivematchPro events delivered in September

– 30 982 number of PrematchPro events delivered in September

Better grab your coffee carefully because we are coming with more soon!

All the work on STATSCORE’s current products took place alongside work on our latest development – SportWidgets. The goal is to create a solution that will bring in more users in the easiest way possible. We are almost done with the development at this stage. But before we open the champagne, we have decided to invite current and future partners to participate in the final phase before the big launch. This means anyone can get familiar with what we have built so far and submit ideas for new features that we will analyse. Can you name another company that keeps its work so transparent?


STATSCORE has beautiful offices located at the Silesia Business Park in Katowice. Even though it’s a nice and cosy environment, we like to hit the road and meet partners face to face. This is what encouraged key figures from our leadership team to fly to London for the Betting on Sports conference. Our CEO, Tomasz Myalski, and our CSO, Marcin Rymaszewski, used this opportunity to strengthen some key relationships within the industry and create new opportunities for growth. Last but not least, Marcin showed local players how to reach a darts competition final with ease. This is how we do it here at STATSCORE!

Once Tomasz and Marcin landed successfully in Katowice, our CCO, Jakub Myszkorowski departed for the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference in Budapest. STATSCORE was shortlisted for two awards:

– Best Sports Betting Innovation


– Rising Star in Sports Betting Technology

This year we had to applaud while others collected the trophies. Next year we will return and, we are not coming back without the prizes!

Did you enjoy our story? Do you want to become a part of it? Then do not wait any longer. Check for the latest vacancies at STATSCORE and join our team.

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