STATSCORE in October 2019 – Review

What a month! Autumn arrived in Europe, but we managed to keep the temperature high, thanks to our latest ideas and developments. October was definitely a hot month for STATSCORE.


Our staff numbers are continuously on the increase. Only this month we added three new great professionals to our office crew. We are happy that Patryk (Junior DevOps Engineer), Marek (Data Quality Controller) and Mateusz (Developer) have joined us in our goal, to build the Biggest Sports Data Center in the world. Have a good time guys, and do not forget to join STATSCORE’s table football league.

At the same time, 25 new scouts completed our training process and passed their exams. This meant, they could join our highly trained team. STATSCORE would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new colleagues from Poland, Armenia, Bulgaria, Qatar, Romania and Spain. We hope you always have good weather while scouting from the venues folks!


As the Ekstraklasa season has progressed, our partner Noblebet has decided to spice up the action by adding STATSCORE’s TeamCenter to Śląsk Wrocław’s official website. Thanks to this great team platform, their fans will now have all the live-action and statistics in one place! They will never have to leave the site again to find the data and facts they want. Well done, lads! Śląsk also managed to keep up with our success here at STATSCORE as they won more points in October than in the previous month. The STATSCORE winning factor?

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STATSCORE’s idea is not to come up with a new product every month, but rather to focus on the continuous development of our current solutions. This is especially true when we take into account the help and involvement of our partners, who use our products to increase their profits.

This is why in October, we have continued to update ScoutsFeed to meet the needs of the fast-pace needed for live betting. Of course, we also moved forward with preparing the redesign of some of our other products too. More news of this to come soon.

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We never want to stop learning and increasing our skills. This is why this month, STATSCORE introduced its new Office Library. Thanks to this new initiative, we can deliver the most desired books for our team members based on their needs and requests. The idea is to continue to grow this project, so who knows? Maybe one day, something that started with a single bookcase could end up with us needing to rent more space, to keep all the precious books, we have collected!

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