STATSCORE Day postponed due to Russian invasion of Ukraine

STATSCORE is deeply concerned with the Russian aggression on Ukraine. Due to the ongoing war, we have decided to postpone the second edition of STATSCORE Day until further notice.

STATSCORE is watching the developments in Ukraine with great sadness and shock. 

We are fully aware that this is not a proper moment for organizing celebrations or cheerful events, such as STATSCORE Day. Instead, it is time to put all our efforts into supporting victims of the brutal attack on Ukraine. That is why we have made a harsh decision to postpone this year’s edition of STATSCORE Day until further notice.

As a company based in Poland, the country which is currently receiving an unprecedented flow of refugees in need of humanitarian aid, we feel that we need to do everything in our power to help those who have suffered most in this senseless invasion. 

This is why we are now launching a   Flag: Ukraine on Google STATSCORE HELPS UKRAINE  Flag: Ukraine on Google initiative, whose aim is to provide the refugees with all the necessary aid we can offer. All the funds that we had intended to use for the organization of STATSCORE Day will be transferred to the charities helping Ukrainian refugees. We will also be organizing donations among our employees.

We deeply hope that the terrible situation in Ukraine will soon be resolved, and our neighbours will be able to return to their homes and start to rebuild their lives. 

Then, the proper moment will come for STATSCORE Day to come back.