STATSCORE CEO reviews part 1

The time has gone really fast. It feels like only yesterday we all at STATSCORE celebrated New Year’s day and now spring is almost here. But it makes sense to stop for a while and check if everything we’ve been doing is really bringing us the results we were aiming for.


This is why we decided to start analysing the results and share the review for the Objective Key Results on the Scoreboard every two weeks at the end of each sprint. This allows us to control how well we are doing in relation to reaching the goals for the current PI. We need to remember that while we must focus on the current round (10 weeks) we can not forget that our main aim is to build the Biggest Sports Data Center in the world. Only when we keep in mind the TeamWorkStartegy and really focus on teamwork, we can make this dream come true.


Current results look really good. Most of the teams are on their way to celebrate wins at the end of the round, which means reaching the score for a singular Objective Key Result at the level of 70% or more. Then the average of all the OKR’s for a team gives us the team’s result for the PI.

I need to underline the results of the Scouts Team. At this early stage, they have already achieved 69% of their OKR’s! The rest of the teams have reached 36% of their OKR’s targets for the round and there’s still a lot of time left to push that number even higher. Congratulations to everyone!

There is some individual appreciation for:

  • Wojciech Augustyn – for his role as the Scouts Team Leader
  • Emil Batorski – who has fitted very well into the Customer Success Team
  • Kajetan Kamiński – who has won the title of the best Scouts Quality Controller for the last 11 months!

Is there anyone who will try to beat the legend?


I would like to thank all the teams and each of you individually for the commitment and passion with which you have been building the Biggest Sports Data Centre in the World. I am convinced that thanks to our hard work, faith, optimism and mutual cooperation in difficult situations we will be able to achieve our greatest goal – to collect all sports data in one place!

Let STATSCORE be recognized soon in the whole world for the following achievements:

  • STATSCORE is the world’s largest sports data provider
  • STATSCORE has the world’s largest sports database
  • STATSCORE has created the world’s most popular website with live scores and statistics
  • STATSCORE offers the latest technology for collecting and presenting sports data
  • STATSCORE guarantees its partners’ unique support and perfect service
  • STATSCORE has an extensive network of collaborators around the world
  • STATSCORE provides a great place to work and promotes self-development

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