Yes, we love this game! National Basketball Association matches keep us all thrilled and amazed with the beautiful tactical manoeuvres, dunks and last moment blocks. While the 73-rd season of the best basketball league is on it’s way, we have gathered a few key facts for you, as you get prepared for the beauty of the night (as here, in Europe, watching the NBA means staying awake late into the night).


16(th) – the day of October 2018, when the great league starts

17 – the highest number of titles won (Boston Celtics)

29.3 – the highest average number of assists per game last season (Golden State Warriors)

30 – number of teams in the NBA

47.4 – the highest average number of rebounds per game last season (Philadelphia 76ers)

72 – number of seasons played so far

82 – number of games played per team in the regular season

113.5 – average number of points scored by the best team last season (Golden State Warriors)


  • Will LeBron James take the Los Angeles Lakers to the top after moving to California?
  • Will the Golden State Warriors do it again and win the title for the 3rd time in a row?
  • Will Brad Stevens’ Boston Celtics dominate the Eastern Conference?
  • How will the Cavaliers manage without Lebron?


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