STATSCORE at ICE 2019 – review

These were happy and demanding days for all of us. STATSCORE took part in the fourth consecutive edition of the biggest gaming event – ICE 2019 in London. If we had to sum up the event with only one word, it would be: MEETINGS as the idea behind ICE is networking and listening to the needs of the industry. Luckily we have more space and words to summarize so we can talk about this event in details. And nothing will tell you more than the numbers.

Here are the key numbers for STATSCORE’s participation at ICE 2019:

  • 3 days of the event (5th to 7th February)
  • 6 big screens at STATSCORE’s stand to visualize the great product of ours – if you missed it in London, take a look at an example of what impressed the visitors
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  • 9 members of staff brought to London (including our CEO – Tomasz Myalski, CSO – Marcin Rymaszewski, CFO – Artur Bieńkowski)
  • ~50 coffees drunk to keep the focus as the tiredness kept on getting on us
  • >80 meetings with the potential new partners, who visited our stand and spent their precious time talking to us
  • 300 cream fudges taken from our stand and eaten with a smile of happiness – no worries, guys, we will never reveal to your dietician, who took three at once
  • 1000 catalogues grabbed by our guests – we have to print new ones as we are now out of stock but the online edition is here for you
  • >3000 kilometres travelled to London and back by our team members, who now are working hard in Katowice to answer all the questions asked by the visitors during ICE

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