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STATSCORE analyzes NFL season 2018/19

STATSCORE our top sports experts analyzed in details, who could win the NBA title in 2019, they take NFL ongoing season under investigation. The goal of the research: name the favourites. The effect: …just check it by yourself. Another great sport analysis for the winter cold days.

Piotr Gołacki, Scout

Super Bowl Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

I believe that every single American football fan will agree with me. Despite taking place during the regular season, the match, which could end up being the league final, took place in game-week 11. I have to admit that I watched the game between Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs live and I paid for it with a sleepless night. I was lucky that I decided to watch, because it was the best football game I have seen in my whole life.

In my opinion these two teams are the best in the regular season. They have incredibly strong offensive and there are players that are best in their positions in the whole league. I mean Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill or Todd Gurley. It’s not a mistake that I mentioned more players from the Chiefs, I think they are more dangerous in attack than the Rams. However, the team from LA has a better defense with their leader Aaron Donald, and supposedly defensive win championships. It is very hard to predict the winner of the league based on how the regular season is going. Previous seasons have shown that lots of surprises can happen during the play off stage and the final as well. If I have to pick one team, I place my bet on the Chiefs!

Apart from the two teams, I wrote about above, the most dangerous teams will be, New England Patriots, Houston Texans and also New Orleans Saints.

I don’t have to say much about the Patriots. They are always among the teams predicted to win. They have already played their main rivals in the AFC – Chiefs and Texans – this season and they won both games.

The main strength of the Texans this season is their leader’s health and good disposition in consecutive games. Houston started with 3 losses, but they went on to win their next 8 matches in a row. JJ Watt stands out in the defensive line, Jadeveon Clowney is putting in a lot of work and others in the defensive line are also playing well. In offense they finally have a class quarterback – Deshuan Watson, who always has at his disposal one of the best wingers in the league – DeAndre Hopkins. Apart from this the offensive line could be a weakness. But for me, much more important is having the best defensive in the AFC and this could be decisive in the playoffs.

New Orleans Saints – primarily they have a very strong offense with leader – Drew Brees. They are strong both in passing and running. The main target of passes is Michael Thomas and at running back they have the spectacular Alvin Kamara. They will be strong in the playoffs for sure, but their Achilles’ heel is their defensive play and in my opinion this could be the reason they will not be able to win The Super Bowl.

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Patryk Mazurek, Editors Quality Controller

Super Bowl winner: Los Angeles Rams

I was 7 years old and I didn’t even know that a sport called American football existed. That’s right, it’s been that long since the Rams were raising the Lombardi trophy. I see them as front runners for the trophy this season and here’s why. When Sean McVay took over the head coaching job (2 years ago), nobody thought that he would turn a 4-12 team into a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The youngest person to ever coach an NFL team proved everybody wrong. Last season the Rams under his command made the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. This year with Jared Goff at Quarterback and Todd Gurley right behind him, they are aiming for the ultimate goal.

Playoff team (AFC Conference) – Houston Texans. After Deshaun Watson tore his ACL last season, the Texans were in trouble. They finished the season at the bottom of their division. This year with a healthy Watson at QB, they will turn last season’s standings upside down.

Playoff team (NFC Conference) – Chicago Bears. The Bears made some key acquisitions during the free agency process. They also traded for Khalil Mack, who is considered one of the best defensive players in the entire league. Chicago are in win now mode, we will see the results soon.

Adrian Mazurek, Editors Quality Controller

Super Bowl Winner:  New England Patriots

Not because I’m a fan of theirs, but because of the guy who is at quarterback – Tom Brady. At the age of 41, he is still one of the best player at his position. Another thing we should point out is that they have very easy Division. In my opinion the AFC East is the weakest Division in the entire league. Jets, Dolphins and the Bills are among the worst teams in the NFL. So, because of this, the Patriots are in a good position to have home field advantage during the Playoffs. They are almost unbeatable at the Gillete Stadium.

Teams that can surprise everybody? For sure the Los Angeles Chargers. In my opinion they are the toughest opponent for the Patriots along with the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams have great quarterbacks and a lot of weapons around them. So, they will be very tough to beat. Another team under the radar, which could surprise, is the Baltimore Ravens. For now they are not doing well. They have had their ups and downs, but they should figure out a way to get into the playoffs soon.

So, my prediction for the final: New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints/Los Angeles Rams. At this moment I have to pick Saints over Rams, because they beat them a couple days ago. But in the Playoffs, everything can change.

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