Speed and rivalry

Here we are again, with another new sport, yet totally different from the ones we’ve had so far. I will be honest with you, it wasn’t easy to create such a tracker, but today we are more than proud to satisfy all Speedway fans around Europe. Yes! it’s Speedway that we have just launched and we have received a lot of words of appreciation for this tracker from clients based in countries that love this sport. But we want to reach every individual fan as well, so if you are forced to miss a match involving your favourite team, do not hesitate to watch it with us and feel the emotions like you were there!

The only such speedway live tracker

Have you seen a tracker from a Motor-sport like Speedway anywhere else? I didn’t think so. Only here at STATSCORE we set ourselves targets this difficult to accomplish. For us the impossible is nothing, it simply takes us a little more time.

Let’s get back to the tracker and what we have provided for you. It is divided into two different looks based on whether it is a league match or an individual competition like a Grand Prix. As you can see there is a header with the main score and every heat result is placed into separate column in a league format,
while bigger helmets with players names on is what we offer when they are riding for themselves and personal GrandPrixglory. Heat after heat we are here to supply you with the fastest possible information on what is happening on the track, how riders are doing during the race (all 4 laps) and who are the winners of heats, both separately and in the overall competition score. Standings obviously updated in real-time in a proper Lineups section on the tracker.

Check us out and our new achievement! Perhaps it will make you love this not so famous but electric sport that’s full of passion and speed.

New LivematchPro trackers feature

Few words about a new feature that we added to our trackers just today. You can now open and close the tracker to either, tabs + header view or tabs only view.
It should be very handy if you wish to brows
e other stuff on the website like odds, for example. It is a requested feature and we are always open to hear you out what are your needs.
What can I tell you in my summary? We have 16 sports available in our LivematchPro product and this is not our last word. Our ambitions and targets reach much higher and there is a lot more coming. Follow our blog and you will not miss a thing!