ScoreFrame League version – an absolute must have!

It has been a while since my last post here, but we never stopped working on ScoreFrame and I am here right now to announce some big news. We have just launched a new module called ScoreFrame League version that is aimed at all clients either owning, supervising or sponsoring, either one or multiple competitions. If you belong to this group, this module has been perfectly adjusted with you in mind. New functionalities, a fresh, modern look, along with detailed statistics is what you will find here. It’s a brand new product dedicated just for you!

Covering sport competitions for national federations

At this time I’ve got a great opportunity to write about a new product with fully operational examples already in use. We have two very big Polish clients representing two different sports. Let me show you how it looks and works.

Our first ScoreFrame League version was up and running just before the European Volleyball Championship 2017 started in Poland. The Polish Volleyball Federation PZPS ordered this module and we invite you to see just how great it looks – check website of PZPS.

Dedicated stats center for volleyball league

As a national federation, our client obviously wanted to cover all the competitions in Poland, but also wanted to include all club international matches as well as all events where the Polish national team is involved. As you can see, we give the client, what the client wants. It’s all up to you what you get.


It’s an important factor, that we try to be as flexible as possible. On this example MATCHES is a default opening page, however as you will see later, on the second example, it doesn’t have to be. Browse the website, check what is available and we are sure you will like it.

Dedicated stats center for handball league

Our second client represents handball and the highest division in PolandPGNiG Superliga. We are very proud to announce that as from the start of this season, we are the only official supplier of data and statistics for this competition and that’s a really big step forward for us. Just check website of PGNiG Superliga and have a look at the front page.

There is something new that comes with this ScoreFrame League version. We have implemented what we have best – LivematchPro – into this module. Second after second of live coverage and detailed statistics from both the event and the competition itself. Yes it is all there, in just one place!


The best way to learn about this product is to visit our client’s websites via the links above and see it all up and running online. There is also one huge thing to add, we are not finished yet as we are working on new functionalities to make this product a giant in terms of relaying live action combined with full in-depth statistics for the league you order.

This product is an absolute must have!