ScoreFrame Club version – a new module for teams!

Not so long ago I wrote about our new module called ScoreFrame League and here is its younger brother – ScoreFrame Club – dedicated for teams only! If you own or sponsor a club then this module will help you gather more fans on your website, mainly during the game being played, but not only. We are here at STATSCORE to make that happen. All the people interested in your club will find all the detailed statistics they search for in just one place, while at the same time you receive a tool that provides you with the chance to advertise in specially prepared slots.

Complex solution for sport clubs website

Our newest solutions in ScoreFrame are an excellent mixture of detailed statistics combined with live visualizations when the game is on. It is all set in the present, but you can also easily browse back into the past to find a game and have it’s stats in front of you, just like you can find a fixture in the future that you are waiting for. Basically you have it all covered in ScoreFrame Club module. We have made a big effort to highlight your club and make it shine.

In the LIVE tab you will find all the matches dedicated to your club that our scouts are watching and relaying the live action. If our scout is at the game or in front of a TV when your team is on the pitch, all the fans not able to watch the game at the stadium will get every incident and every statistic delivered in real-time.


In the MATCHES tab you can view results and fixtures from competitions your team is taking part in for the current season, while you can also filter the matches that only concern your boys (or girls).


You can have a look at a league table or cup fixtures, compare your team with any other from the competition. Generally everything in this module is personalized for a dedicated team, so you get the chance to browse the statistics from full competitions, but at the same time with highlighted options just for you.

How to attract fans to club website

We are constantly working on solutions to make users stay on your website for yet even longer periods of time! Within a couple of days we will deploy another very helpful feature that will make the process of finding a game from the past even easier. I will keep you updated.

A lot of writing above, but nothing is as convincing as real life examples. We already have up and running in production a club from Poland’s highest division in football – Śląsk Wrocław. A team in big form of late, having a big clash against newcomers in Nowy Sącz in just two days time. Have a look at ScoreFrame Club for Slask Wroclaw to find everything you need to know about the match, the competition or whatever you are looking for!