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Polish Hockey League gets a power play with STATSCORE’s official data

Sports leagues and competitions all over the world have been selecting STATSCORE as their official sports data provider. What lies behind the growing demand for this type of real-time game stats and information? Well, as we can see on the example of the Polish Hockey League, harnessing the most up-to-date and accurate data brings fans closer to the game and helps increase the prestige of a competition! Let’s take a closer look.

STATSCORE’s finest sports data for top ice hockey competition

Polska Hokej Liga (Polish Hockey League) is the top tier of ice hockey competition in Poland. The league is contested by 11 teams, and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Polish 1. Liga.

In 2018, the Polish Hockey League has selected STATSCORE as it’s official sports data provider to guarantee that its fans get first-rate statistical experience.

Within this exclusive agreement, STATSCORE has been delivering extended data, LIVE stats and information about all the key events delivered directly from the venues.

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Not sure where the puck is? You’ll find all the PHL’s LIVE data in LeagueCenter!

Thanks to the implementation of our customised LeagueCenter on the PZHL (Polish Ice Hockey Federation) website, everyone can enjoy the most accurate and detailed statistics in one place!

STATSCORE’s LeagueCenter provides extended data on key aspects of each game and displays statistics regarding the league’s season. All the data is gathered by specialised teams of STATSCORE’s scouts directly from the venues and verified by experienced data controllers to make sure it’s as accurate and trustworthy as possible!

What kind of data can you find in the LeagueCenter?

  • results and detailed stats of all the games, including goals, shots on target, shots off target, penalties, etc.
  • livetracker of all the events taking place on the rink, with LIVE dedicated animations;
  • standings and fixtures – to keep fans updated about their team’s position and the upcoming games;
  • teams and players data – detailed information about the performances of specific teams and players;
  • H2H comparisons – to juxtapose the selected teams’ performances, form, and winning/losing streaks;
  • venues – data on places where the games are held.

What are the benefits?

STATSCORE’s live data and stats, which are delivered in real-time by professional scouts, provide the PHL with some amazing benefits. Let’s take a look at the most crucial ones:

  • growing revenues thanks to the distribution of official data to betting businesses and media outlets,
  • ability to attract new fans and followers,
  • high-class visualisations created to enrich the league’s website content,
  • amazing experience for the fans who are now able to feel closer to the game than ever,
  • higher value of broadcasting rights thanks to the inclusion of official statistics,
  • advertising spaces for the sponsors of the competition to display their content,
  • growing engagement of fans thanks to attractive data visualisations.

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STATSCORE’s is a Polish company whose mission is to build the Biggest Sports Data Center in the world. The company provides highest-quality sports data and statistics in the form of widgets, minisites, and feeds. STATSCORE supports sports fans and organisations, media outlets, and bookmakers, by offering reliable live data, in-depth statistics, and attractive visualisations. The company employs a global team of highly-trained scouts, who deliver the most accurate and trustworthy data in real-time.

STATSCORE’s products are used by leading businesses around the world, including media organisations, such as Le Figaro and Onet, and bookmakers, such as Ladbrokes and Eurobet. The company is also the official data provider for sports leagues, such as PGNiG Superliga and Futsal Ekstraklasa. In 2018, STATSCORE was recognised as one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe (Technology Fast 50 CE).


Polska Hokej Liga (Polish Hockey League) is the top level of ice hockey in Poland. It was officially founded in the current form in 2013, though the competition has a long history (it was known as the I Liga or Ekstraklasa from 1926 to 1999, and as the Polska Liga Hokejowa from 1999 to 2013).

PHL is contested by 11 teams, and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Polish 1. Liga.