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Number of goals scored? Nah, let’s go deeper!

Our front-end products have for years offered all sort of statistics, but we have never gone as deep in a competition as we have gone this season in the polish handball’s highest division – PGNiG Superleague. Today I am here to let you know about another step we have made! 

Bearing in mind we are the official supplier of data for handball’s top competitions, with our ambition at a sky-high level, it could only end up one way. Yes, we have done some amazing things. Well, at least we believe so!

Every event in the PGNiG Superleague this season is being covered by our scouts from the venues and has a much deeper approach for statistical data. What we are doing right now is gathering statistics such as goals from a 6 meter range or the goalkeepers penalty efficiency! On our tracker there is a tab called Statistics where in every game in our LivematchPro product we offer general stats for every event, however in Superleague we are going with an advance mode where you can check H2H comparison of two players during the game! Or get all they key stats gathered in a single table – goalkeepers and field players separated – where you can sort the data depending on the column you are interested in.

Just have a look below. It seems Adam Borbely had a good day with 47% efficiency between the posts, but it was Kamil Netz from the other team who scored the biggest number of goals from the 9 meter range!


Check it out on your own: Orlen Wisla Plock – Meble Wojcik Elblag

Pretty nice stuff, isn’t it? But that’s not all! What you saw above is for a specific event. Today we went even bigger and deployed similar tables for all the players from this season’s competition and for all the games played so far. This is a great thing for the fans who can now sort the columns and find out who is the league’s top scorer, who has the biggest number of yellow cards, which goalie has the best efficiency between the posts and much more! This is a breakthrough we draw huge satisfaction from.


To check out more just visit STATISTICS section.

And now when you feel there is nothing to beat that… The title is “Let’s go deeper!” so here we go. In the section dedicated to the players you can see all the detailed statistics in a graphical display. We know already from the link above that at this stage of the season Kacper Adamski from KPR Legionowo is in hot form scoring 64 goals. Probably info you can search for in other services. But how about I tell you that 26% (17/64) of the goals he scored, he placed in the left hand side bottom corner of the goal? 


Kacper Adamski at your service!

Guys, PGNiG Superleague is now a world of numbers. You can search for information that has never been given in the past. From now on we give you the chance to look at the league, at your club or at your favourite player from a totally different perspective. 

Let’s end up like Alfred Hitchcock would in one of his movies. Did you like what you saw? How about we do the same for your competition?! Just click below…