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New season of Fortuna 1 Liga starts with even more sophisticated stats from STATSCORE!

The official sports data provider for Fortuna 1 Liga, STATSCORE, introduces new data solutions, thanks to which the league’s fans will get an even better picture of the game based on exhaustive match stats.

STATSCORE has been providing official sports data for the league since the 21st round of its previous season. The statistics have been collected directly from the venues by professionally-trained scouts who have attended all the games to gather the stats in real-time.  This allowed fans to follow the course of all the games of their favourite teams and gain an in-depth look into the action, through the use of STATSCORE’s customised solutions, such as TeamCenter and League Center.

In the new season of the Fortuna 1 Liga, the scope and level of data provided will get even greater! This will be made possible thanks to the introduction of an additional scout for each match and the use of a brand new panel on which the scouts will work. It will allow them to collect more detailed and extensive data on all aspects of team and player performance.

How will it work in practice? Let’s see it on the example of data on the shots taken by a given team during the match. In the 2019/2020 season, statistics were collected on the sum of such shots for the entire team. However, from the 2020/2021 season, STATSCORE scouts will assign each shot to a specific player, which will significantly enrich fans’ knowledge of the course of the match.

But that’s not all – fans will also find out which part of a player’s body was used to take the shot (left / right leg, head), what the distance was (penalty area, outside the penalty area), and even in what section of the goal the ball was shot.

What’s more, information about the type of action after which the goal was scored will also be recorded – i.e. whether it was a corner kick, free kick, quick attack, or a positional attack … Similarly, complex statistics will be collected for many other aspects of the game.

It cannot be denied that with such an extended range of delivered data, the fans’ statistical experience improves to an unprecedented level! Especially if we add that the collected data will be displayed in a visually stunning form within LeagueCenter and TeamCenter. That’s how following stats and data becomes a real pleasure to fans and followers!

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