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Luka WOW Doncić

Luka Doncić – European Champion 2017, Euroleague Champion 2018, triple Spanish Champion – 2015, 2016, 2018, Euroleague 2018 MVP, Euroleague’s Final Four, 2018, MVP, Spanish League 2018, MVP. Number 3 in the NBA 2018 draft and all of this at the age of 19! How the young Slovenian star may change NBA?


18 points, 4.5 assists and almost 7 rebounds per match, with an efficiency of almost 43% in open play and 38% from behind the 7.24 line make him a leading candidate to receive the Rookie of the Year Award. Impressing, isn’t it?

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If he improves his average points scoring by just one point and maintains at least the same level of effectiveness, he has now, he will be a rookie with numbers to match those of Larry Bird and Damon Stoudamire.  Amazing!

Already this season he delivered 31 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists against the Spurs. There were only two other young players in the history of the game, who played at this level and yes, I am talking about the BIG NAMES: LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Need a proof? Just one from a handful of such. He was able to score 11 points in a row for his team against the Houston Rockets. Mainly thanks to this amazing performance, the Mavs chased successfully the opponents in the 2 last minutes of the match to finally won it. WOW, Luka! Just WOW!


He has already proved that he can successfully replace Dirk Novitzki and take the Dallas Mavericks to the play offs. It would be a big achievement, when you look at the strength of the West Conference 2018/19.

If injuries do not stop Luka Doncić, he will have a chance to become the next franchise player, after Novitzki, who can turn into the Mavs’ living hero.

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Key Doncić numbers for 24-th December 2018:
4,9 – assists per game
6,5 – rebounds per game
18,8 – points per game

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