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LivematchPro’s new Players Stats available for Euro 2024 and Copa America!

LivematchPro has always been a go-to place for the most immersive in-game football data experience possible. But with the arrival of Euro 2024 and Copa America, we’re taking the data to an even higher level with our groundbreaking new feature: Players Stats

  • LivematchPro, STATSCORE’s flagship match widget offers top-quality visualizations and real-time data coverage for ongoing sports events, recording every incident with detailed statistics, including goals, free kicks, red/yellow cards, and fouls.
  • Just in time for Euro 2024 and Copa America, LivematchPro now includes player-focused data, integrated with CupCenter hubs to provide the most comprehensive experience for fans and bettors.
  • Sportsbooks and sports media can still take advantage of the enhanced LivematchPro tracker and CupCenter for Euro and Copa. This unique solution can be integrated into your platform within just 1 hour!

Unprecedented player data at your users’ fingertips

Players Stats is a brand new tab within STATSCORE’s renowned LivematchPro tracker, offering an unparalleled level of detail on specific players. 

The new feature is available for events covered at the highest level of statistics, including the upcoming Euro 2024 and Copa America.

Players Stats tab allows your fans and bettors  to easily track players’ performances, including statistics on: 

  • scored goals, 
  • assists, 
  • total shots, 
  • shots on target/off target, 
  • shots blocked, 
  • yellow and red cards,
  • fouls,
  • tackles. 

LivematchPro lets your users switch effortlessly between full team breakdowns and individual player profiles.

They can also sort players by any stat to see who’s leading the pack, and quickly identify the top goal scorers, assist providers, and defensive powerhouses in a given team or overall for specific games.

That’s even more data to make their experience on your sportsbook or media website more engaging and entertaining!

Advanced LivematchPro as part of CupCenter tournament hub

The upgraded player data-packed LivematchPro may be successfully employed as one of the features of Euro/Copa-dedicated CupCenter, STATSCORE’s ultimate tournament platform. 

This quick-to-integrate football competition platform gathers all types of live and pre-game data on the tournament in one place, enhancing the fan experience, boosting traffic, and elevating user engagement and retention.

The data includes:

  • Real-time updates and live data;
  • Scores and up-to-the-minute stats;
  • In-depth insights on player performances;
  • Head-to-Head comparisons;
  • Current standings;
  • Venue information.

Check out CupCenter to attract and entertain more users!

Integrate this amazing solution into your platform within hour and enjoy the benefits!