Hello and welcome to another great announcement here on STATCORE’s Blog. Those of us in the Customer Success Team are always looking for new ways to engage you and help you build your business.

In recent weeks we added a new messaging service to our contact page, but in an ever moving environment, where people want answers and help as soon as possible, we’ve taken the next step and added LiveChat! It works both on desktop and mobile version of our website.



For the last few weeks, members of our great Customer Success Team have been working hard to get up to speed with everything that’s happening here at STATSCORE, so we can offer you a fast and efficient service.

So what can we help you with?

  • Free advice on what may work for your business
  • Product information
  • Details about integration
  • The setting up of free trials
  • Prices

This great new feature will be available all day during open office hours. You can also leave us a message if we’re unavailable and we will respond you ASAP. We are ready, the only thing that’s missing is you! So next time you visit our website statscore.com why not say hello and put us to the test. We look forward to talking to you soon!