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LeagueCenter – The platform for meeting

What? Platform for meeting?! Wasn’t it supposed to be a sports data centre? Yes it is and its primary function is delivering sports stats, both live and historical. However! At STATSCORE we are never satisfied with an easy win. We always try to think big and offer maximum value for our partners. This is why we made sure that one of the key values for LeagueCenter is creating MEETING opportunities. A place where your message, brand and values can be presented to all that visit your website, users and business partners alike.


LeagueCenter is a great platform to cover any competition for team sports. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a League organizer, Federation or a Media site, it allows you – to get the fans attention and not only while games are being played, but also throughout the whole of match day. It has a fully responsible design, so it looks great at any size and on any device. It has been coupled with the fact it will match your organizations visual identity and come packed with precious sports data, makes it a generator of traffic to your website.

Once added to your site it will ensure a higher number of views and more loyal behaviour from users, who will come back more often because of the additional value created by LeagueCenter. At the same time it will provide you with 15 advertising slots to promote your sponsors and generate more revenue.


Sport enthusiasts tend to be demanding customers. When they come to your website, they are not looking for just plain results. They expect a whole bunch of livescores, sports stats and in play visualizations. If their demands make you worried, we can ensure – you are in the right place to get a helping hand from us.
LeagueCenter offers a completely new live match experience with our unique animations that cover all the action. Our highly rated LivematchPro sports trackers bring every game alive, to give the feeling your almost able to reach out and be part of the action. Goals, shots, red/yellow cards, VAR usage and so much more delivered to your users with the smallest possible latency to make their experience even better. All of this is secured by our highly trained network of scouts working from the venues or via low latency TV.


Besides the live sports data, we have a mountain of information about streaks, head to heads, overall seasonal stats for competitions and teams. All of this will keep the fans returning to your website, even on non-match days.


Last but not least, we created a place where you can meet with your users and make sure that your communication goals are reached. Thanks to LeagueCenter, You will be able to get your key messages, values, brand along with your sponsors message to all visitors, and even add your twitter feed to this great platform. The 15 slots for banners provided will not only help you to create earnings from advertising, but also cross-promote your other projects, like official competitions, mobile applications, fantasy sports competitions, payable TV stream access, the list is endless.

So finally you know how important it was for us to build a tool that would create so many meeting opportunities! Maybe now is a good time to meet us – please contact our Customer Success Team at cst@statscore.com or through the LiveChat on our website, so we can schedule a call and discuss how our LeagueCenter can help you to reach your goals.