Keep your pre-match offers up to date with STATSCORE’S PrematchPro!

If you’re running an online bookmaker’s website, you will know that you get the most traffic during the match. These days with so many in-play bets being placed a lot of sites have neglected to keep their pre-match offers up to date. STATSCORE is here to help! If you’re looking to increase traffic by promoting pre-match offers, read on. 


It’s true that today’s younger generation is less willing to spend too much time on anything. They live in a world where everything is wanted and delivered how! They will not want to spend time analysing a mountain of so-called statistics and this needs to be taken into account by bookmakers’ everywhere.

Here at STATSCORE, we like to keep up to date with what’s needed in the market, so we can keep you one step ahead. That’s why we have included a feature in PrematchPro that provides very helpful hints for those in a hurry!

These hints are placed on a banner above our statistic loaded pre-match widget. There is no way they can be missed and not only do they give your users ready-made bets that they could make, but they also stimulate them to think along the same lines and show them the kind of bets that you have on offer. Great for you and great for your users – we call this a win, win!

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It’s normal that the big matches attract a lot of attention, but it’s harder when you have two mid-table teams facing off. These are a little less glamorous and therefore, we need to work a little harder.

We know that in order to change the way fans think, we need to treat every game like it’s a big game! That’s why we put a lot of effort into building a widget that will showcase every match no matter what the sport, like it’s the most important match on the planet. Our PrematchPro provides high quality, sports statistics presented in an entertaining way for every game, regardless if it’s a fight for the title or a battle between two teams dwelling at the of bottom the league.

At STATSCORE we love sport and we appreciate every game. Our widgets are packed with head to head comparisons, winning/losing streaks and so much more, we make sure that fans can celebrate the beauty of sport, every day.


Yes, we know that feeling. The adrenaline is pumping and the heart rate is racing! The thrill of betting on a live game, where the outcome is fast and there are an ever change number of odds and bets to be made. For people that play the game like this very little additional stimulation is need.

But not everyone wants to live on the edge! There’s a whole lot of people out there who want to take their time. Those that like to place bets away from the heat of the action with a cool head. For this type of user, STATSCORE’S very impressive widget PrematchPro is everything they could have dreamed of! They will find an impressive database of well-presented sports statistics that are real easy to navigate.

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We believe this great solution will turn non-match days into a fascinating sporting adventure for everyone that enjoys making decisions without the stress. On top of this, we know that users will spend longer on your site before games kick-off and this can only be good news for you and your revenue.

If you want to get in touch to find out more, just contact our Customer Success Team at We will be more than happy to schedule a call and discuss how STATSCORE’s services can help your organization!