Internet networks overloaded? STATSCORE’s live widgets never slow down!

The coronavirus outbreak is having some unexpected effects on our habits. As people spend more time home, and use video streaming services more often, internet networks are getting overloaded. Will it influence the speed of STATSCORE’s live trackers? No way!

How is the world dealing with internet overload?

European Union authorities have officially asked Netflix, and other VOD providers to reduce the quality of their formats by resigning from HD for some time. Why is that? Well, it is not really surprising that when we’re not allowed to go outside because of the coronavirus outbreak, we tend to spend more time watching video on demand. Moreover, millions of people have to keep working from home. That’s exactly why internet networks get overloaded.

Netflix has already responded to that request by promising that it will reduce streaming quality in Europe for 30 days. We estimate that this will reduce Netflix traffic on European networks by around 25 percent while also ensuring a good quality service for our members – reads the provider’s official statement.

Live sports coverage during the coronavirus crisis

Sports fans may be wondering how the situation will affect live sports coverage.

Well, we all are aware that the crisis has hit the sports very hard. Football-hungry fans were left without their favourite pastime unless they switch to, let’s say the Australian league. Even if there are sporting events going on, live broadcasts may be hard to find, and may indeed be overloaded.

Now, you may wonder – what about sports trackers? Are they also going to have to reduce their speed or quality? Will it be more difficult to keep track of sporting events in real time?

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No need to worry! STATSCORE’s LivematchPro tracker, which allows you to follow hundreds of games from tens of disciplines held around the world in real-time, is the FASTEST solution of this kind on the market! It is truly unbeatable!

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But, what’s even more amazing, its unmatched speed and quality make it possible to work on every internet-connected device without the need for fast internet connections! It’s been developed to be responsive and customisable to mobile devices, and it consumes much less internet bandwidth than all the less-advanced solutions available on the market.