ICE Totally Gaming and going home!

Hello and welcome to my personal account of ICE 2017. This year saw me sharing a hotel and travelling with Darek and Adam, and I have to say the whole experience was a pleasure!

From the moment we met up at the airport to the moment we returned, it was non-stop banner. On top of this I have to give special thanks to Adam who picked me up from my front door and got me to and from the airport safely (I owe you a beer my friend). On the work side of things, everyone in the Sales Team did a great job, but for sure the enthusiasm,

Product knowledge and IT expertise that Adam and Darek contributed definitely made us a stronger team. On the personal front it’s always nice for me to return home to my motherland, I think this is due to a combination of the great weather we enjoy in England and the fact I can listen to a genuine English accent! That said it’s always nice to return to Poland, the country I now call home πŸ™‚ I can’t believe how Polish I feel these days, at the show I was talking to a customer about the Ski Jumping tracker and told him that β€œWE” added this because in Poland β€œWE ARE” very good at it, and he replied β€œoh you’re Polish, you would never know it from your accent ha ha.”

I going to finish by saying that I think this years show was great for the company! the feedback we had from both existing and potential customers was amazing, and even one or two of our main competitors said how impressed they were with what we had on offer. So now as a member of the Sales Team, I’m hoping we can turn all the effort that everyone has made into some sales!