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How well do you know the venues?

When your work is your passion, good things happen. This is how we do things here at STATSCORE. Another post and again something new has appeared! So let me tell you about what we’ve added to our product this time. From now on LeagueCenter (previously known as ScoreFrame League) will contain an 8th tab called Venues where you will get the chance to know something more, but not about teams or players, the new tab covers stadiums, multi-arenas and many other places that sporting events take place.

Detailed information about sport venues

We wanted to make it a very neat tab with all the important information backed up by some great graphics and here’s what you get:

  • Pictures of all venues the teams plays at
  • Maps showing the location of all the venues
  • A section with information available for all venues with a uniformed easy to use layout
  • A section with more detailed information that may vary depending on the venue chosen

See Venues tab on STATSCORE Cup Center website

On the right you can see a twitter plug-in, ultimately this will be replaced. We have some great ideas already about how we will boost this up with some interesting facts and statistics, but this is a story to be told another day.

Plenty of sports and competitions to choose from with our LeagueCenter product. Perhaps there is one that you wish to have presented like the Superliga in Poland, with a famous club like VIVE Kielce participating in it. Don’t hestitate and ask our Customer Success Team for free 2-weeks trial of LeagueCenter now!