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Customer Success Story


Country: Poland   Group: Sports organizations   Type: League organizer


Every great history has to start with a game-changing idea…

This was not an exception – in 2017 the founder and the CEO of STATSCORE, Tomasz Myalski, has been inspired by the officials of the top Polish handball league, PGNiG Superliga, to provide the matchcenter for the league.

The goal was clear: to help the organization in increasing their audience and to keep them entertained. What started as a brave concept, ended up as the unique partnership.

The story behind

Our motivation for this idea was to help the League with increasing the fan engagement at the website and to provide the PGNiG site users with an unique experience of the handball stats presented in a breath taking way. We have decided that the best platform to make this project succeed is our LeagueCenter.

The idea

Nowadays fans want to be as close as possible to the team, they want to know the results of games as quickly as possible and they need access to the widest possible database of statistics. Thanks to the partnership agreement with the Superliga, I believe that together, we are able to deliver an innovative product of the highest quality – says Tomasz Myalski, STATSCORE CEO.

The idea behind this project is simple – let the fans get closer to the sports they love. They have to be able to reach for the data with every device they prefer to use. At the same time at the corporate level, we wanted to help the league organizer by providing a powerful tool with additional advertising spaces for the sponsors.

The project

Amid the STATSCORE LeagueCenter main features, that made this project successful, we may name:

  • Easy configuration our product has been designed in a responsive way
  • Innovative in-game visualizations each key event is presented LIVE with an easy to recognize icon
  • Unique set of advanced stats which are gathered by our in-venue scouts
  • Unique second screen experience users may follow the platform no matter where they are, what device do they use and which browser have they chosen to open the LeagueCenter
  • Graphical unity it allows an easy customization for the needs of the league organizer.

The effect

We did not have to wait long to see the impressing results. The project started in the season 2017/18. The number of page views of the PGNiG website has increased two times in relation to the previous season! PGNiG also actively use the advertising spaces within the LeagueCenter to promote the League official ball provider, Select. New chapters of this story have still to be written in the following seasons! We are excited to do it in collaboration with our great partners from the PGNiG Superliga.

Take a look:

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PGNiG Superliga

The top Polish handball league. There are 14 participating teams, which  compete in the regular season and in the play-offs. The winner is qualified to the EHF Champions League. The most successful teams in the history of the league so far are Śląsk Wrocław and PGE Vive Kielce with 15 titles.

STATSCORE LeagueCenter

The unique ministe for presenting a competition coverage with full data, schedules, results, tables and advanced stats. Built in a responsive design and prepared to keep the fans entertained, it ensures that the users will come more often and spend more time at the league organizers’ webpages.