How to take care of yourself when working with computers?

Many of us spend long hours in front of a computer monitor or even monitors. It is possible to do our daily professional activities from our chairs without ever standing, without moving.

It forces us to stay in the same position for long periods of time and this strains our bodies (eyes, neck, spine, wrists and metabolism).

The human body is not meant to stay idle and that’s why we should help it to maintain a balance.

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– Set the correct brightness and colour contrast of your monitor
– Adjust the distance of your eyes from the monitor (40-75 cm)
– Practice eye relaxation techniques and blink frequently 😉


– Be sure that the top of your computer screen is at the same height as your eyes
– When your working on your computer do not talk on the phone while holding the handset between your shoulder and neck


When you use the mouse your hand should be in line with your wrist and that’s why it is good to have an ergonomic mouse pad with a sponge support for the wrist. Do not put too much pressure on your wrists.


Our stagnancy and habits of doing things while sitting slows our metabolism. Let’s exercise regularly, they are not just a slogan… So let’s start with using the old good stairs instead of the elevator.


– Do not cross your legs and do not put one foot on your other leg instead, rest your legs freely with your feet placed on the ground.

– Take the right to have a break every hour. Stretch your body, feel your muscles.

When we are in the middle of an engaging task it is easy to forget to do this. You can set a reminder to take a break from your screen and have computer breaks. It helps your body and also increases your productivity.

Joseph Pilates, physical fitness guru and father of the Pilates exercise method said: “ You are only as old as your spine. If your spine is inflexibly stiff  at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” 🙂

Let’s stay young, even when our job involves working on computers! 🙂

Take care of your health, commit to spending more time doing some physical exercise…
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