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How to make an unofficial club website more desirable than the official one

So you have made the brave decision to run an unofficial football club website and now you find yourself stuck with the number of visitors hitting the glass ceiling. We never support giving up at STATSCORE. We believe that challenges and obstacles can be defeated with the proper plan and tools on hand. Let us share with you some best practices.


One of the most common mistakes made by the majority of unofficial club websites is trying to populate everything that can be found on the official website. OK – we can all agree, that they have the best resources and that they are closest to the team. However, trying to be the one, that’s copying their content, is not the way to make your site successful. Why would users come to your website just to read something they can find faster on the official page? This is not the way to win the racer and increase your traffic.

What could make your project valuable and attract attention? We believe it’s offering content that’s missing on the official website. The club “WWW” is always limited by their freedom of speech – they need to fall in line with the corporal communication rules and this means there are lots of topics and articles they have to avoid. Such boundaries do not apply to you, so by adding fresh content: tactical analysis, performance evaluations, game and training sessions’ reviews in a fair and knowledgeable way, is something that can put you ahead of even the official website.


Have you ever asked yourself how potential users get to your website? How many of them use PC browsers and how many prefer to access the content on mobile devices? Last but not least: how many get to your website via your social media entries? These are the key questions, that are crucial for understanding how traffic is generated. Otherwise, it’s like shouting into the dark.

Social media – especially a Twitter profile may provide quite a reasonable amount of traffic to your website, if you promote all new entries with updates. Make sure to use provoking language – ask questions, use big quantifiers, engage your readers. You need to distinguish your communication from the news feed. Otherwise, you won’t get recognized.


Transfers, gossip, stories – all of these are crucial, but what makes the club website is the match! Yeah, the MATCH! You need a source of live scores, sports stats and seasonal standings for your users. And guess what – here you can outdo the official website with STATSCORE’s TeamCenter! You can provide your fans with the greatest available coverage for live games, fixtures, players’ info and much more. Most official websites do not have this level of coverage from live games!

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What makes TeamCenter great –  is the live tracker that displays every match with LIVE in-play visualizations for every key incident of the game. Following sport and your favourite team has never been more intense. There’s no risk, you can take the free 14-day trial and see for yourself the value it can add to your website.

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