Yesterday, we started the first of our training programs “Stay focused on your development” which reflects 1 of the 9 STATSCORE values.

The goal of this program is to give to our team an opportunity to develop its competencies and create good conditions for self-development.

The training covered effective communication and was conducted by the head of our Customer Success Team – Jakub Myszkorowski, who shared with us his rich knowledge, gained from his everyday experiences working with customers.

Our speaker focused mainly on presenting communication, as the basic tool of our contact with others.
He indicated, among other things:

  • how to increase the effectiveness of our message,
  • the communication patterns,
  • the influence of a space in communication,
  • communication errors,
  • and the main goals of communication.

Thanks to the training, we learned how to communicate with others, how to become an “anthropologist of everyday life” and that our silence is also an answer.
We were reminded of three phrases of power – THANK YOU, I SEE, I’M SORRY and we already know that the snake does not look like a horse at all 😉

The main goal of the training was to show how to communicate with others, so that our message would reach our interlocutor in the way we planned, to have in mind that “our parcel” should reach “the recipient“…

We hope that the participants enjoyed the training.
Training sessions will take place regularly, so stay focused on your development!