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How STATSCORE’s data helps to take Fortuna 1 Liga to another level

Official football data delivered by STATSCORE allows leagues to boost their value by attracting more fans, providing followers with high-quality content, and increasing the competition’s prestige. Here’s how it works!

Top-quality sports data from STATSCORE for Fortuna 1 Liga

Fortuna 1 Liga, the second tier of the professional football system in Poland, is one of the professional leagues that selected STATSCORE as their official data provider.

Our collaboration with STATSCORE will bring benefits for the Fortuna 1 Liga, especially from the perspective of product development. The field of statistics is an integral element of sport – each fan would like to have access to the most up-to-date and reliable data. Thanks to the implementation of the cutting-edge technology provided by STATSCORE, every supporter will be able to feel the emotions here and now. That’s extremely important – said Marcin Janicki, the league’s chairman.

Starting from the beginning of 2020, STATSCORE has been responsible for collecting and delivering detailed match data and statistics, which are gathered directly in the stadiums by a team of experienced scouts.

The real-time data is then verified and displayed in customised match centres on the League’s website and the websites of its 18 clubs.

The match info delivered by STATSCORE’s scouts includes data on all incidents taking place on the field, such as shots, yellow/red cards, and substitutions.

A statistical overview of each fixture includes information about teams’ lineups, head-to-head comparisons, teams’ form (winning/losing streaks), and the league table.

Why does the league need official sports data?

Sports leagues more and more often realise the importance of having their official data collected.

    Here is why:

  • The league has complete control over the use of data, which allows it to increase financial profits from the data (that can be employed by media, betting companies and sponsors).
  • The league is able to provide its fans with top-quality statistical experience, which in turn allows it to attract more followers across digital channels, including social media, as well as win over a greater audience in general.
  • Fortuna 1 Liga’s possession of official data increases the marketing value of the league.
  • Ability to offer visually attractive official match data increases the value of the league’s TV rights.

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How is the football data collected?

Sports data delivered by STATSCORE is characterised by the speed of the delivery along with high standards of reliability. But how is it collected and delivered in practice?

The data is collected by special teams of STATSCORE’s professional and experienced scouts, who are present at each and every stadium during all the league matches. The scouts record and immediately (within 2 seconds!) send all the information about events taking place on the field – this includes each action, shot, red and yellow card, every substitution, corner kick, penalty, etc.

The whole process is organised with the use of an extremely fast and secure technology in such a way to make sure that the quality and consistency of the data meets the highest standards.

All the data that is made available to the league is collected and compiled in a professional manner and verified by Scouts Quality Controllers to ensure that it’s always trustworthy, accurate, and as up-to-date as possible.

The data collected from the stadiums is immediately displayed through visually customisable widgets and live trackers, as well as used in API data feeds.

What are the benefits of STATSCORE’s sports data?

The data, which is exclusively collected and managed by STATSCORE from the league’s matches, provides the league with numerous benefits.

    These include:

  • guaranteed share in incomes from the distribution of official data to the companies from betting and media sectors,
  • products that provide a unique experience and increase fans’ engagementTeamCenters on clubs’ websites, and LeagueCenter on the league’s website,
  • several attractive advertising spaces for the sponsors of the competition to display their message around the STATSCORE’S products ecosystem,
  • automated Fantasy Sports leagues fed with STATSCORE’s data,
  • TV broadcasts enriched with official league statistics,
  • unique visualisations and official data infographics delivered by STATSCORE,
  • exclusive analytical articles written by STATSCORE’s experts to enhance content on the league’s and clubs’ websites.

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STATSCORE’s is a Polish company whose mission is to build the Biggest Sports Data Center in the world. The company provides highest-quality sports data and statistics in the form of widgets, minisites, and feeds. STATSCORE supports sports fans and organisations, media outlets, and bookmakers, by offering reliable live data, in-depth statistics, and attractive visualisations. The company employs a global team of highly-trained scouts, who deliver the most accurate and trustworthy data in real-time.

STATSCORE’s products are used by leading businesses around the world, including media organisations, such as Le Figaro and Onet, and bookmakers, such as Ladbrokes and Eurobet. The company is also the official data provider for sports leagues, such as PGNiG Superliga and Futsal Ekstraklasa. In 2018, STATSCORE was recognised as one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe (Technology Fast 50 CE).


First League of Football, officially named Fortuna I Liga due to sponsorship reasons, is the men’s second professional association football division of the Polish league system. It is currently contested by 18 teams, the best two of which are promoted to the Ekstraklasa, while the three teams that finish last in the table are relegated to the II Liga. The league is run by the Polish Football Association (PZPN).