How not to lose $116 million running a betting business?

In the sports betting business, money transfers and personal data operations are carried out on a daily basis. The things that matter are safety and protection of sensitive data. How can you make sure that they’re always safe and sound? StatsSecurity is the answer you’re looking for!

Make sure your betting business is safe

The average cost of data breach caused by a cyberattack among small and midsize businesses comes to a whopping $3,9 million, while the biggest players are at risk of losing $116 million on average.

It’s no wonder then that ensuring the security of the data is one of the key challenges that digital companies, including online sportsbooks, are facing. It is a new big thing, especially for these businesses that gather and process lots of money and data. Is there any industry that can outplay betting in this field? We doubt it.

In order to ensure cybersecurity, you need to take a comprehensive approach to the matter. This should include education and awareness, appropriate strategy, and the right set of tools. And that’s where StatsSecurity – developed by STATSCORE’s partner, CyberQuant – enters the game.



How can you keep your data safe with StatsSecurity?

StatsSecurity is a sophisticated cybersecurity solution dedicated to sports betting operators. What will it do for you? 

  • It will make your sports data bullet-proof. Your betting business will remain safe and reliable.
  • Your company website will be protected against potential threats and you’ll be able to counteract against them
  • This solution will allow you to avoid data breaches, leaks, and cyberattacks.
  • You learn about the weakest points in your security and how to fix them.
  • StatsSecurity will educate your employees to make sure they understand all the cybersecurity rules.
  • You get 24/7 support to make sure your sports betting business is safe and sound. 

Stay safe with StatsSecurity!

How does StatsSecurity work?

StatsSecurity provides you with a set of tools and professional expertise from an experienced team of professionals that will enable you to keep your data secure.

These include:

  • Consultations – to help you define your cybersecurity priorities
  • Testing – social engineering tests are run to detect vulnerable spots
  • Audits – evaluate your current security processes through in-depth analysis
  • Education – keep an eye on your employees’ online behavior and raise their awareness of cybersecurity
  • Support – StatsSecurity consultants are always available to help you!

StatsSecurity services are provided for STATSCORE’s clients by our renowned and experienced partner who has been already trusted by such top players as Ekstraklasa SA (Polish top-flight soccer league),,, CISCO, ZARA, Mercedes-Benz,, and many more!

Contact our cybersecurity partner to learn more!

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