Have you already checked out STATSCORE’s StatsWidgets? Launching a trial has never been simpler!

STATSCORE’s StatsWidgets allow you to enrich your website with valuable sports data in the blink of an eye! How do they work in practice? See for yourself by launching a fully automated trial!

Why choose StatsWidgets?

StatsWidgets are a very special set of sports data widgets that cover all the live-action, provide scoreboards, standings, H2H comparisons, and so much more! What makes them so great? Apart from the amount and quality of sports data they display in a visually stunning and user-friendly way, it’s also the fact that you can customize and configure them in the way that best fits your needs! 

Ready to check them out? That’s great to hear, especially because starting a free trial of StatsWidgets has never been easier! 

The whole process has been enhanced and automated to make sure that you can check these amazing data-packed solutions as quickly as possible.

What do you need to launch StatsWidgets? 

Just go to the StatsWidgets page on our website, select one of three available packages (STARTER, SMART, or PRO), and click the START NEW TRIAL button.

Provide some basic data by filling out the form, and as soon as you confirm your trial request in an email, your trial will be automatically created. The whole process will take no more than 5 minutes! Now, you can really try them out and learn all they can do for you!

Test StatsWidgets now!

Which widgets would work best for you? There’s a variety of them you can choose from, including

  • LiveBar widget, which you can use to display real-time sports events in a smart and engaging way, 
  • Vote widget, which gives you a great opportunity to attract viewers and engage them by sharing their predictions,
  • Standings widget, which allows you to show all kinds of tables and standings,

and many more! You can also find out more about them here.


Sports widgets with a twist!



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