Our partners, ScoreFrame

forBET knows how to spend their nights

Whoa! This is not what you might have thought about. Naughty you! Our partners from forBET, have decided that daylight hours are not enough for betting. When we have 24 hours to enjoy sport and earn from the betting markets, it makes sense not to limit ourselves to daytime only. This was the reason behind  starting this great promotion ‘FORBET AT NIGHT – LIVE’.

The nights have always been hard, for every business. While people are active and willing to invest and spend during the day, the late evenings were usually profitable, mainly for restaurant owners. Nights used to be a silent time for almost the whole economy.


This might have made sense in the good, old, offline days, but now, when we are all connected to the world wide web and we know that the beautiful world of sports never sleeps, it does not make sense any more.

Once European teams have ended their daily endeavours and the players fall to sleep after taking selfies for their social media profiles, American sports are just starting to warm up. The nights in Europe are packed full, with top flight games from the USA, Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football and more. Top players, top competitions and top betting – they all match perfectly. Plus the great entourage of the night, which always brings some magic.

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The idea here is simple: forBET encourages their users to play Monday-Thursday from 11 PM to 6 AM. They can get special bonuses for being the most active, which is value added for them. So it’s a win – win situation. Well done forBET! It’s always a pleasure to see how creative are our partners!

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